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Furion Chill Cube: New Updates on RV Air Conditioning Systems

In a recent video by Big Truck Big RV, a popular content creator shared significant news about the Furion Chill Cube, a new inverter brushless variable speed air conditioning system for RVs.

This advanced system, which is already available on some OEM units like Brinkley’s, will soon be offered as an aftermarket upgrade. The video provided detailed insights into the functionality and benefits of this innovative air conditioning unit, designed to improve comfort and efficiency for RV travelers.

The creator began by discussing the standard 15,000 BTU Furion Chill air conditioning system currently installed in many RVs.

He explained the practical differences and advantages of the new Furion Chill Cube, highlighting that it is engineered to run more efficiently and reliably, even in extreme temperatures like those in South Texas. The new unit, which features an 18,000 BTU capacity, was tested in high heat conditions and performed impressively, maintaining a cool interior environment.

A notable feature of the Furion Chill Cube is its ability to run continuously without significant wear and tear. The system employs a variable speed, brushless motor, which the engineer from Furion confirmed is designed for long-term, continuous operation.

This is achieved with minimal power consumption, ensuring that the unit remains energy-efficient. The fan runs constantly at a low speed to accurately sense and maintain the desired temperature inside the RV, addressing concerns about energy use and mechanical durability.

Additionally, the video revealed that the Furion Chill Cube will be available in three other variations: a ducted model, a ducted model with a heat pump, and an energy-saving version that operates on a 15-amp circuit.

These new models are expected to be released in the coming months, offering RV owners enhanced flexibility and efficiency in managing their indoor climate. The creator emphasized the significance of these upgrades in terms of airflow, power usage, and potential longevity.

The discussion concluded with a positive outlook on the Furion Chill Cube’s impact on the RV industry. The content creator expressed confidence in the unit’s performance and longevity, based on the detailed explanation provided by Furion’s engineering team.

As more RV models incorporate this advanced air conditioning system, it is anticipated to become a popular choice among RV enthusiasts seeking reliable and efficient climate control solutions.

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