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Exploring the New Features of Fernrest Campground’s Second Season

Fernrest Campground is ready to welcome visitors for its second season, showcasing a blend of nostalgic charm and modern enhancements. As guests enter, they are greeted by a spacious, open area designed for communal activities such as bonfires and picnics, with future plans for a pavilion to host events like yoga and weddings.

A notable update is the parking lot situated away from the camping areas, ensuring a family-friendly, car-free environment that prioritizes safety and tranquility, as shown in a YouTube video by Finding Promised Land.

The campground’s renovation efforts are evident in the revamped bathhouse, originally from the 1960s. It retains a rustic feel while offering modern conveniences, such as a new septic tank and luxury touches like a cement sink and industrial brass faucet. The emphasis on maintaining historical elements while providing upgraded facilities reflects the management’s commitment to preserving the site’s heritage.

A significant addition to Fernrest is the self-service camp store, housed in a restored cabin. Open until midnight and accessible only to guests, it operates on an honor system and offers a variety of items, from local artisan goods to camping essentials.

This innovative approach not only meets campers’ needs but also enhances their overall experience by providing convenient access to supplies without the need for staff presence.

Fernrest has also introduced wellness amenities to cater to guests seeking relaxation. The new wellness tent, situated in a serene, wooded area, offers massage services, contributing to the site’s appeal as a holistic retreat. Complementing this is a wood-fired sauna, enhancing the campground’s wellness offerings and providing a tranquil escape for visitors.

The campground’s layout has been thoughtfully designed to balance communal spaces with private accommodations. With a mix of dome tents, safari-style tents, and renovated RV trailers, Fernrest caters to a variety of preferences, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

This careful planning underscores the campground’s mission to offer an exclusive yet inclusive environment, perfect for both families and individuals seeking a peaceful getaway.

Fernrest Campground’s second season introduces several enhancements that blend historical charm with modern conveniences. The focus on creating a family-friendly, car-free environment, coupled with the addition of wellness amenities and a thoughtfully designed layout, positions Fernrest as a premier destination for campers seeking both relaxation and adventure.

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