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Elevation Park Models: A New Era in RV Living

The latest episode of The Camper Report Show features an in-depth look at Elevation Park Models, a company founded by Joel Lederman and Brent Kau in 2021.

The episode provides a comprehensive overview of park models, their unique characteristics, and the manufacturing process behind them. Lederman and Kau discuss their journey in the RV industry and the distinctive features that set their park models apart from traditional RVs.

During the show, hosts John Dietro and Bob Zagami explore the Elevation Park Models factory in Elkhart, Indiana. The founders explain that park models offer 400 square feet of living space and are built with a residential structure, making them an appealing option for affordable housing and campground accommodations.

The episode highlights the versatility and customization options available with park models, emphasizing their ability to serve as semi-permanent residences that can be relocated if necessary.

The show also touches on the target market for park models, noting a shift from the traditional demographic of retirees to a broader audience that includes remote workers and families seeking a full-time camping lifestyle.

The demand for customized units has grown, with customers appreciating the ability to tailor their park models to their specific needs. This customization includes options for residential-grade windows, high-end appliances, and various floor plans.

Furthermore, the episode delves into the construction process of Elevation Park Models, highlighting the use of steel frames, high-quality insulation, and advanced building materials.

Lederman and Kau emphasize their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which has been a driving force behind their company’s rapid growth and success. The founders’ dedication to producing durable, comfortable, and stylish park models is evident throughout the segment.

The Camper Report Show offers an insightful look at Elevation Park Models, showcasing the company’s innovative approach to RV living. The episode provides valuable information for potential buyers and enthusiasts, demonstrating why park models are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those seeking a unique blend of mobility and residential comfort.

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