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Decline of Free RV Camping and Overnight Parking: Key Factors and Implications

The availability of free RV camping and overnight parking has significantly declined in recent years, a trend that has frustrated many RV enthusiasts. This decline is largely attributed to a combination of disrespectful behavior by some RVers and new business models that capitalize on the increasing demand for overnight stays.

An incident observed by RV travelers Ben and his partner highlights the growing problem. They encountered an ad for a company encouraging landowners to rent out their space to RVers, a clear indication of the shift from free to paid options, as shown in a video by the Grateful Glamper.

Five years ago, free camping and overnight parking were abundant, with many RVers taking advantage of places like Walmart parking lots. However, due to city ordinances and disrespectful behavior, such as leaving trash behind or overstaying, many Walmarts have stopped allowing overnight RV parking.

The result is that RVers now have to call ahead to check if overnight parking is permitted, adding uncertainty and inconvenience to their travel plans. This shift has made it more challenging to find safe and free overnight parking.

With the rise in RV travel, there is a growing trend of monetizing overnight parking. Companies like Harvest Hosts offer memberships for RVers to park at various locations, but these are not free.

The cost of the membership and the expectation to make purchases at the host locations add to the expense of RV travel. Although Harvest Hosts provides unique and enjoyable experiences, it underscores the shift from free to paid options, further reducing the availability of truly free overnight parking.

The behavior of some RVers has also contributed to the decline in free camping opportunities. Disrespectful actions, such as improper parking, not protecting parking lot surfaces when using jacks, and running noisy generators all night, have led many businesses to stop allowing overnight stays.

This trend is evident in the example of a Cracker Barrel parking lot where the behavior of RVers disrupted regular customer parking and overall business operations.

Despite these challenges, there are still a few places where free overnight parking is available. Cracker Barrel, for example, remains a favorite among RVers. However, the demand for larger and more luxurious RVs has made it difficult for some to fit into the designated parking areas.

The need for proper overnight parking etiquette has never been more critical to preserve the few remaining free options. Overall, the decline in free RV camping and overnight parking reflects broader changes in the RV travel landscape, driven by both economic factors and community behavior.

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