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Comprehensive Review of the Coachman Nova: Features and Performance on the Road

At the Tampa RV Show, the resurgence of class B motorhomes was evident, highlighted by the Coachman Nova, which is built on a Ram ProMaster chassis. This model measures 20 ft 11 in, providing a compact yet spacious environment inside.

Noteworthy is its impressive mileage and handling, credited to the robust chassis it sits on. The Nova’s design focuses on functional living space with twin beds, avoiding the less desirable sofa bed setup of older models.

As shown in a Youtube video by RV Lifestyle, it also eschews the cassette toilet for a more traditional plumbing system and emphasizes maneuverability, which is a significant consideration for potential owners interested in using the vehicle for both travel and daily errands.

The interior of the Coachman Nova is optimized for efficient use of space and comfort. It features high-quality construction with maple cabinets and furniture-grade materials that are built to withstand road use without deteriorating.

The motorhome includes modern amenities such as induction cooktops, a compact yet fully functional kitchen, and a bathroom with innovative solutions like a folding sink to maximize space. The living area is equipped with a 12-volt TV, suitable for boondockers, and multiple storage options although it lacks external storage compartments, which might be a drawback for some users.

Technological integrations in the Coachman Nova include a rear-view camera system that offers various vantage points, enhancing safety and convenience when driving. The vehicle is designed to be off-grid capable, with solar panels and optional lithium batteries, although the standard setup comes with less adequate AGM batteries.

The detailed focus on usability extends to its external features like an easy-to-use smart plug system for secure electrical connections and a well-thought-out water and sewage system that simplifies maintenance.

On the road, the Coachman Nova promises a comfortable driving experience with its streamlined handling characteristics and responsive steering. However, potential downsides as noted during test drives include a somewhat cramped cab area which could benefit from more legroom to enhance long-distance travel comfort.

Additionally, the standard power setup might require upgrades for those planning extensive off-grid living, suggesting additional investments in solar and battery systems may be necessary.

Overall, the Coachman Nova offers a blend of compact mobility and home-like amenities that cater to the modern traveler. Its construction is solid, with a focus on interior aesthetics and functional design, making it a practical choice for those new to RVing or looking to downsize.

The vehicle’s ability to accommodate immediate rest with twin beds and maintain indoor air quality and temperature with advanced HVAC systems speaks to its design philosophy of combining comfort with convenience.

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