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Coachman Encore 27XPS: A Compact and Affordable Class A Motorhome for 2024

The 2024 Coachman Encore 27XPS stands out as the only true class A gas motorhome you can buy for the year, presenting a compact design ideal for state and national parks. Priced at an affordable $89,999, this motorhome offers a unique blend of functionality and cost-effectiveness, making it one of the smallest and cheapest options in its category.

The Encore 27XPS, without slide-outs, emphasizes a streamlined experience for users, focusing on ease of use and maintenance. With a length of 29 feet, it features an 8,000lb hitch weight, and capacities for 50 gallons of fresh water, 35 gallons of gray water, and 35 gallons of black water, catering to the essential needs of travelers seeking adventure in the great outdoors, as shown in Matt’s RV Reviews.

Inside the motorhome, the attention to detail and incorporation of high-quality materials stand out. Despite its entry-level positioning, the Encore 27XPS boasts solid surface countertops, frameless windows, and spacious cabinetry, enhancing the living experience for occupants.

The interior layout, designed to maximize space and comfort, includes a north to south queen-size bed, a split bathroom for convenience, and a living area equipped with modern amenities. Notably, the absence of slide-outs does not detract from the spacious feel of the interior, showcasing Coachman’s commitment to efficient design.

Technological features within the Encore 27XPS include a comprehensive dashboard in the cockpit area tailored for the driver, ensuring ease of navigation and control. While it lacks side view cameras, the inclusion of essential elements such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a backup camera highlights a balanced approach to technology, prioritizing must-have features over luxury additions.

The living area’s entertainment options, such as a directly across TV from the sofa, ensure that relaxation and leisure are also catered to, despite the motorhome’s compact size.

Storage solutions are a notable strength of the Encore 27XPS, with ample exterior storage compartments that belie its compact dimensions. The thoughtful design extends to outdoor features like propane quick connects for grills, showcasing Coachman’s understanding of the RV lifestyle’s outdoor-centric nature.

Additionally, the motorhome’s construction employs Azdel composite materials, ensuring durability and resistance to delamination, further reinforcing the value proposition of the Encore 27XPS for prospective buyers.

The 2024 Coachman Encore 27XPS represents a compelling option for RV enthusiasts seeking a compact, affordable, and well-equipped class A gas motorhome. Its thoughtful design, efficient use of space, and inclusion of high-quality materials and essential technological features make it a standout choice in its category.

As the RV market continues to evolve, the Encore 27XPS highlights Coachman’s commitment to offering value-driven options to consumers, ensuring that adventure remains accessible to a wide range of travelers.

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