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Brooklyn Camper Tours Custom Luxury Vans in East Williamsburg

Brooklyn Camper, a custom luxury camper van builder based in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, recently showcased their latest creations. Co-founders Oliver and Leah, along with their trusty shop dog Luca, led a tour of several vans, each designed to meet the unique needs and dreams of their clients.

Specializing in Mercedes Sprinter platforms, Brooklyn Camper focuses on high design and the latest technology to ensure a luxurious camping experience, as shown in a YouTube video by New Jersey Outdoor Adventures.

One of the vans featured in the tour was designed for a firefighter from Colorado, who had been following Brooklyn Camper’s builds for a while. This van included upgraded rims, tires, and a front bumper with a winch.

Inside, the van showcased a beautiful contrast between light wood and dark cabinets, with features such as a swivel seat, a shower and toilet, and a kitchen equipped with a two-burner induction stove, a fridge, and a microwave. The van also boasted advanced technology, including a 360-degree camera and a drop-down projector.

Another van, designed for a retired couple, aimed for a modern, home-like feel. Inspired by a hotel in Portugal, this van incorporated warm elements like wood finishes and lime wash paint. The layout included extra counter space, additional seating, and a full-size bed that could convert into a couch.

The van also featured practical elements like a hidden doggy door for accessing the cargo area and a well-equipped bathroom with hot water on demand.

A third van, built for local Brooklyn clients who enjoy rock climbing and skiing, drew design inspiration from a hotel in Iceland. This van featured a rugged exterior with a winch, rally lights, and walkable solar panels. Inside, the design combined dark matte black finishes with light wood, creating a Nordic aesthetic. Key features included a lagoon table, upgraded chairs, and an expedition-style kit for off-grid adventures.

The tour also included a stealthy van designed for a client planning to travel to Patagonia. This van prioritized a light and airy interior, with light wood flooring, countertops, and a light wood slatted ceiling. Despite its minimalist exterior, the van was equipped with essential features such as Starlink internet and an awning for added convenience.

Oliver and Leah emphasized their commitment to making clients’ visions come to life, highlighting Brooklyn Camper’s flexibility in designing custom vans to meet diverse needs and preferences. For more information about Brooklyn Camper and their custom builds, visit their new shop in East Williamsburg or contact them through their website at brooklyncampervans.com.

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