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A Sneak Peek into the 2024 Salem & Wildwood PreVIEW Series

The RV industry is on the brink of a significant transformation, thanks to the innovative designs of the 2024 Salem & Wildwood PreVIEW Series. This new series, dedicated to maximizing campsite window footage, is set to redefine the RV experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Last year, the Salem and Wildwood group introduced the 42 View, a destination trailer floor plan boasting more windows than any RV in history. This year, they are expanding on this concept with an entirely new series, the PreVIEW, designed around the idea of maximizing campsite window footage.

The PreVIEW series, unlike anything seen before in the RV industry, is built from the ground up with the idea of campsite window coverage. Instead of retrofitting existing models with additional windows, the designers started with the sidewall, plastered it with windows, and built an RV around that concept. The result is some of the most original and exciting designs seen in the industry.

The series includes six models, each offering unique features. The 42 View, the first of its kind, features over 200 square feet of campsite window coverage. It has been updated for the 2024 season with improved landing gear location, sewer hookups for better ground clearance, and enhanced window treatments and countertops.

The 22 Eras, another model in the series, offers an alternative to the traditional dinette with a dining bar and stools, large campsite windows, and a hideaway pantry behind the entertainment center. The 29 BDB, the first bath and a half model by the group, features a Versa Lounge system that can convert into a large lounge, traditional sofa, and dinette, or a giant sleeper.

The View series also includes the 24 View and the 29 View, both offering a unique layout and design. The 24 View, the smallest of the series, provides 95.5 square feet of window coverage. It features a large dining bar, a sectional-style Versa sofa lounge, and a hidden room built into the slide, which can be used as a bunk room, private office, or hidden storage space.

The 29 View, the Big Daddy of the family, offers 104.5 square feet of window coverage. It is essentially a stretched version of the 24 View, with a similar rear kitchen and a hidden walk-in room that can be used as a bunk room or a private office.

These innovative designs are not just about aesthetics; they also offer practical benefits. The large windows provide excellent natural light and views of the campsite, enhancing the camping experience. The versatile layouts offer flexibility, allowing users to customize the space to their needs.

The 2024 Salem & Wildwood PreVIEW Series is a game-changer in the RV industry. It represents a fresh, fun, and different approach to RV design, one that is sure to inspire other manufacturers and delight customers. With its focus on maximizing campsite window footage, the PreVIEW series is set to revolutionize the RV experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Watch the video above to learn more about the 2024 Salem & Wildwood PreVIEW Series.


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