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Young Families Drive The Future Of RV Ownership—RVIA

According to RVIA, the rise in families with young children has been one of the most significant trends in RV ownership in recent years. The Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile reveals that these RV owners are younger than 45 and have children who live at home and are often driving their parents’ vacations, transport modes, and destinations.

Young families are not the only ones who have taken up RVing. 57% of all current owners grew up with RVs. The industry’s current growth – 27% are young families own RVs – is likely due to technological changes that enable these college-educated, well-off, full-time workers to work remotely. Remote education has been possible for their children since the closure of secondary and primary schools in response to COVID-19.

According to the study, what motivates them to live in an RV is more eternal. Young children are often raised by working parents. Family time is limited to short conversations in the car while they travel to soccer practice or to the dentist. One of the top reasons they purchased RVs was to unwind and relax in natural beauty areas where they can spend quality time with their families.

The report mentioned Lance Jeffery, a Los Angeles producer, husband to a jewelry entrepreneur, and father of two daughters, ages seven and eleven. He said that getting away in an RV gives them all the time they need to be together.

We love to drive up the coast from California to visit our friends. We also love to RV in Malibu. We will just take a weekend trip and stay over for a night. It’s like a mini-vacation.”

It can be difficult to find “quantity time” with your family, which can make it more challenging when planning vacations. While summer is the most popular season for them to travel, many also plan spring breaks vacations. They travel an average of 19 days per year in their RVs, which is three days less than the average number of other owners.

Young families like all RV buyers tend to congregate in national parks, state parks, and recreation areas. Private campgrounds are also a popular spot, although festivals are more popular for them. They also like the freedom to move from one site to another, just like other segments of the market, the report added.

Young families love adventure and RV travel is a great option. They are more likely to bring ATVs, boats, and kayaks with them on their travels.

However, being outdoorsy and active does not mean they have left their technology at home. Young families are more likely to travel with their iPads, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, home hubs, smartphones, and streaming devices than any other group. Parents and children often spend more time using any one of these devices than they do other things. This is often due to the quality of Wi-Fi services available at RV campgrounds.

Although personal technology devices are something that young families can use, they find tasks and technology involved in RV ownership more difficult than the older generations.

Jeffrey stated that he had rented an RV several times before and that it was an important steppingstone as he learned how to use generators and electronics, and how to handle water/sewage tanks.

Jeffery and his wife bought and restored a used RV. This is in contrast to 73% of young families who purchase new units. This demographic is most fond of fifth wheels, traditional travel trailers (like Jefferys’ Airstream), as well as expandable trailers (like Hansens’ pop up).

Like most RVers, both families are committed to living the RVing lifestyle. A staggering 87% of young RV owners plan to buy another RV. The majority of RV owners have purchased their RVs with cash and plan to do so. Others will borrow money from either dealerships– or private financial institutions. 45 percent of buyers plan to buy from an RV dealer, with 23% coming from private sellers or manufacturers.

According to the Consumer Demographic Profile, there is a long runway for RV sales and ownership among today’s young families, report added.

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March 18, 2024 5:58 am

Isn’t it intriguing how the RV industry is evolving to suit young families? More family-friendly features are popping up in RVs, making them super appealing. It’s cool that dealerships are even offering flexible financing options to make RV ownership easier. What a time to be hitting the road!

Wade Sky
Wade Sky
March 19, 2024 3:34 pm

Exciting times ahead for young families diving into the world of RV ownership! Picture this: families embracing the freedom to work and learn remotely, all while cruising through stunning landscapes and bonding over quality time together. From national parks to private campgrounds, the adventure doesn’t stop! What a fantastic way to create everlasting memories and explore the great outdoors. Let’s hit the road and make unforgettable stories!

May 6, 2024 9:38 pm

Let’s chat about young families diving into the world of RV adventures. It’s incredible how RV ownership lets families craft unforgettable memories while exploring nature. From spontaneous trips to well-planned vacations, every journey becomes a special and cherished adventure for all. RVing truly brings families closer together!

Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Cox
May 19, 2024 6:06 am

I just love how RV ownership is making such special memories for young families, bringing them closer and letting them explore together. As more families join in, let’s remember to keep safety and sustainability in focus for many more joyful and eco-friendly adventures ahead! 😊🚐


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