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Glamping Site Liquor License Application Rejected in Teton County Amid Resident Opposition

Teton County Commissioners denied a malt liquor license application from Basecamp Hospitality LLC, the operators of a geodesic tent glamping site located on state trust land off WY390.

This decision, made during the July 2 regular meeting, followed significant opposition from local residents.

Seven community members, many affiliated with “Citizens for the Responsible Use of Public Lands,” voiced their concerns during the public comment period.

Stephen Koch, a Wilson resident, mentioned the facility for being constructed without proper oversight or permits. He mentioned the ongoing litigation following the county’s notice of abatement, which was intended to halt construction and assert local authority.

“In fact, the county issued a notice of abatement in order to halt construction of the facility and assert its authority over projects built in the county. The state then sued the county over the abatement order and that suit is still in litigation,” Koch said.

In addition, Kathy Nyrop, president of the nonprofit, criticized the application as a revenue-enhancing tactic. “We find it absurd that this is the only permit Basecamp is applying for. One can assume that it is only being done to enhance the revenue of their business,” Nyrop said.

According to an article published by Bucktrail on July 8, the commissioners unanimously denied the application, citing that Basecamp Hospitality failed to meet three of the five criteria required for approval.

The report indicated that the permit would adversely affect nearby residents, the current licenses were adequate, and the new application did not meet community desires.

Since the Office of State Lands and Investments issued a five-year temporary use permit in June 2022, the glamping project has encountered multiple lawsuits and permit challenges from Teton County and local nonprofits.

This situation underscores the need to recognize and adhere to local ordinances, especially when submitting proposals such as liquor license applications. Additionally, consulting with local residents can help mitigate opposition and ensure community support for such projects.

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