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Proposed Campground Rezone on Former Hayward National Golf Course Fails

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors (Wisconsin) on Thursday, April 21, failed to ratify a rezone request for the former Hayward National Golf Course from Agriculture 1 (AG1) to Recreational Residential 2 (RR2), which would have allowed it to be available for a proposed 197-site RV campground.

As per a report, a petition circulated in the towns of Bass Lake and Hayward, where the old golf course was situated, and more than 50% of adjoining property owners stated they opposed the rezoning.

Since the petition was filed within 24 hours of the meeting and contained 50% of the abutting property owners who opposed the rezoning, the state statute 59.69 Sub. 5, Sub E, Sub 5G allows enactment or passage of the rezone only if three-fourths of the board approves.

In Sawyer County, three-fourths of the board is 12 supervisors. But when the members voted, just eight voted yes, and seven voted no, resulting in the rezone failing.

During the discussion, Supervisor Brian Bisonette questioned why the board would approve the rezone even though so many adjoining landowners objected to it and would negatively impact the values of their property.

County Supervisors Jesse Boettcher and Stacey Hessel, both members of the Zoning Committee that had recommended approval of the rezone, stated that they followed the facts in recommending the rezone. They acknowledged that many of the accusations against the proposed campground were conjecture that could not be proved.

Boettcher, Hessel, along with Supervisor Marc Helwig, added that the county relies on tourism, and a campground would help boost the tourism in the county.

Adam Bodenshatz, one of the owners of Pinewood Properties and row rezone applicant, claimed he had participated in five public hearings and that his proposal had been approved by the towns of Bass Lake, Hayward, and the Sawyer County Zoning Committee.

Since the rezone failed, a conditional use permit (CUP) that contained 21 stipulations placed on the proposed campground – established by the towns and zoning committee – will not be applicable because the CUP was conditioned on the approval of the rezone from AG1 (where campground are not allowed) to RR2 (where a campground is permitted as a conditional use).

This story originally appeared on Voice of Alexandria.

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May 8, 2024 7:46 am

Exciting update from Sawyer County! Even though the rezone didn’t pass, the community is buzzing with new ideas for the Hayward National Golf Course. Let’s keep an eye on the upcoming projects!


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