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Groundbreaking Legislative Move Aims to Streamline RV Manufacturer-Dealer Agreements in Wisconsin

Last week, a significant development unfolded in the realm of recreational vehicle (RV) legislation within Wisconsin. Michael Ochs, director of state government affairs for the RV Industry Association (RVIA), took the stand before the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Consumer Protection, advocating strongly for AB230. 

As per the News & Insights report of the RVIA, this critical bill, if passed, would revolutionize the dynamics of RV manufacturer-dealer agreements in the state.

Joining Ochs on the panel, Angie Diedrich, the executive director of the Wisconsin RV Dealers Alliance (WRVDA), echoed the sentiment. The call for change was further bolstered by the testimonies of three Wisconsin RV dealers and the legislation’s primary sponsors, Representative Scott Krug and Senator Patrick Testin.

The necessity for AB230 has its roots in a long-standing issue within the RV industry. For years, industry insiders have attempted to carve out exemptions from automobile franchise laws, as many of these regulations do not align with the unique needs and operations of the RV industry. 

This effort has resulted in a complex tapestry of laws across the country, often leading to confusion and inconsistency.

AB230 presents a promising solution to this predicament. If passed, it would place the RV manufacturer-dealer relationship under a distinct chapter of the Wisconsin Code. This significant change would allow RV manufacturers and dealers to operate separately from the automobile industry, bringing the law in line with day-to-day industry practices.

The proposed legislation is the fruit of in-depth negotiations conducted last year between the RVIA and the WRVDA. Both entities are staunch supporters of the bill, citing potential benefits for the overall viability of the RV industry within Wisconsin, ultimately benefiting consumers, manufacturers, and dealers alike.

Conceptualized with a spirit of fairness and reciprocity, AB230 is designed to cater to all stakeholders within the RV ecosystem. This extends beyond dealers and manufacturers to include suppliers, who provide warranties directly to RV owners, enhancing the RV lifestyle experience.

The proposal of AB230 signals a dynamic shift within the RV industry, moving towards a more streamlined and efficient legislative framework. 

For a more detailed look into the testimony and implications of this bill, interested parties can access the full testimony here. As the future of AB230 unfolds, keep an eye out for further updates and impacts on the Wisconsin RV industry.

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February 20, 2024 9:57 pm

Inspirational news for the RV industry in Wisconsin! This legislation promises equitable and more efficient operations for manufacturers and dealers. What are your thoughts on this development?


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