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Burnett County Board OKs Campground Limits

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The Burnett County Board of Supervisors (Wisconsin) recognized the long-discussed, debated issue of campground limitations and ways to legally manage the demand for better camping options within the county.

As per a report, while the entire board was able to deal with a variety of amendments to zoning ordinances in the fall, they did not address the camping issue and were waiting for the recommendations of the Land Use and Information Committee (LUI) that went through months of discussions, work and research, to present to the board their recommendations to fill the gaps in several amendments that were not resolved.

The LUI campground issue has been front and center over the past few weeks, and the LUI committee held a public hearing on April 5 regarding various text changes to the rules passed in October. However, without specific amendments specifically on hard limits on campgrounds, and whether to limit them to 50, 100, or 150 units, as well as whether to restrict campground density to five sites per developable acre of land in the campground, while also hoping to not place any current campground out of compliance.

In light of all the opposition, the LUI Committee ended up recommending various provisions for the entire board to take into consideration, including eliminating campgrounds from the RR-3 zoning while also endorsing the 150 hard cap/per acre, updating past and current ordinances, which many committee members felt were no longer applicable to modern camping and the park models, as well as concerns about the negative impacts such high-density operations, may have on surrounding residents and infrastructure.

The LUI Committee also considered things like sewer and water regulations, noise and traffic concerns, safety and law enforcement concerns, and whether the limits on things like sewer systems were already hampering campground size and density.

Although there was some debate regarding the importance of limiting the size and density of the campgrounds, the consensus was that if they ratified the most recent amendments, they could modify them if necessary.

This story originally appeared on Burnett County Sentinel.

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