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Winnebago Industries Spotlight Survey: More People Seek Health Benefits of Outdoor Activity

More Americans are turning to the outdoors for health and happiness, according to a recent survey from Winnebago Industries. The survey, now in its fourth year, reveals increasing trends in outdoor activity participation and its perceived benefits.

The Winnebago Industries Spotlight Survey found that 71% of respondents believe outdoor activities benefit their health, marking a three-point increase from 2023. This survey examines outdoor industry trends and consumer behavior, showing a growing appreciation for outdoor activities.

Outdoor participation continues to rise, with 89% of respondents indicating they engaged in activities such as camping, hiking, boating, or visiting national and state parks in 2023. This represents a 29% increase since 2020, with expectations for this trend to persist.

Amber Holm, chief marketing officer of Winnebago Industries, noted the strong link between outdoor activities and well-being. “Respondents said the top three reasons outdoor activity positively impacts their life is because it improves physical health, improves mental health and reduces stress,” Holm said.

Contrary to predictions that outdoor activity interest might decline post-pandemic, the survey shows sustained enthusiasm. For 2024, 86% of respondents plan to increase or maintain their current level of outdoor activity. With summer approaching, 95% of respondents plan to participate in outdoor activities.

Camping and RVing remain popular, with 37% of respondents planning to camp this year, a two-point increase from last year. Additionally, 11% of respondents plan to go on an RV trip, maintaining last year’s level.

Holm highlighted the emotional benefits of outdoor activities. “As people spend more time outside, they often find impactful emotional benefits, including feelings of freedom, personal growth and connection – both to the natural environment and to family and friends,” she said.

Introducing younger generations to outdoor activities is crucial. The survey indicates that 69% of respondents believe outdoor activities reduce screen time. Exposing children to the outdoors early fosters lifelong interest, with 63% of respondents having started outdoor activities as children.

However, comfort levels in outdoor settings vary by generation. Only 45% of Gen Z respondents feel comfortable outdoors, compared to 62% of millennials who strongly agree they feel at ease in nature.

Holm encourages everyone to explore the outdoors and bring new people along. “At Winnebago Industries, we encourage everyone to enjoy more time outside, or bring someone new to the outdoors along on your next outing, whether it’s enjoying a family adventure with one of our RVs or boats or simply going for a walk in the park,” she said.

The growing interest in outdoor activities presents opportunities for the RV industry. As more people seek the health benefits of nature, the demand for RVs and outdoor recreation products is likely to increase. This trend supports the RV industry’s growth, catering to those looking for flexible and comfortable ways to explore nature.

Winnebago Industries’ findings underscore the importance of outdoor activities for physical and mental health. The continued rise in participation highlights a societal shift towards valuing time spent in nature, benefiting both individuals and the RV industry.

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