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Wild Energy Named Supplier of the Year by Florida and Alabama RV Park Association

Wild Energy, a Sarasota-based utility submetering company, received the Supplier of the Year Award from the Florida and Alabama RV Park and Campground Association.

Mike Sorensen, president and CEO of Wild Energy, expressed surprise and pleasure at receiving the award. He noted that the company has expanded from 10 campgrounds and RV parks in 2021 to hundreds.

“Business couldn’t be better. We’re selling to customers every single day, and our footprint keeps getting bigger and bigger. When we take a park with no meters and put in meters, their energy consumption drops by 30%,” Sorensen said.

Wild Energy provides technology and software for park operators to submeter electric and water utilities. This allows operators to charge guests based on actual consumption instead of estimating usage.

According to a press release, campsite fees that include estimated electricity consumption can be unfair. Guests who conserve energy pay the same as heavy users. Additionally, parks with all-inclusive rates often overpay for electricity since guests have no incentive to conserve. Sorensen explained that when campground and RV park guests are required to pay for their own electricity consumption, they tend to be more cautious with their power usage.

The financial benefits of submetering go beyond energy savings. “Submetering improves net operating income and provides parks with more capital,” Sorensen said. This capital can be reinvested into the park, improving amenities and the guest experience.

Another feature of submetering is its ability to extend the longevity of electrical infrastructure by detecting outages and other issues early on. This is particularly beneficial for RV parks and campgrounds due to the rising power demands of big rigs, electric vehicles, and golf carts.

Wild Energy offers wireless submetering technology and utility monitoring software to help businesses streamline operations, improve utility revenue collection, reduce overall utility use, and provide sustainable energy management solutions for RV resorts, campgrounds, marinas, and residential communities.

Since 2019, organizations across North America implementing Wild Energy’s solutions have collectively reduced over 7 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

For more information about Wild Energy, visit wildenergyco.com.

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