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Wild Energy Launches Advanced Analytics Platform for Enhanced Property Insights

In a significant move for the campground and outdoor hospitality industry, Wild Energy, a leading provider in advanced utility sub-metering and monitoring solutions, has unveiled its state-of-the-art Advanced Analytics Platform.

This development promises to offer property owners, especially those in the campground, glamping, and RV park sectors, unparalleled insights into energy consumption and trends across their properties.

The Advanced Analytics Platform, built on the Microsoft Power BI platform, is set to redefine how property owners manage their utility consumption. 

By harnessing the capabilities of this platform, owners can access data from multiple properties in one centralized location. This consolidation of data streamlines the process of monitoring energy consumption trends and gauging operational performance across different sites.

One of the standout features of the platform is its drill-down capability. Multi-park operators, a significant segment in the campground industry, can delve deep into specific properties. This granularity extends to particular areas within those properties, allowing for a detailed examination of energy consumption trends, whether at a specific campsite or a facility.

Continuous trend analysis, another key feature, empowers property owners to identify and recognize energy usage patterns. Such insights are invaluable, especially for campground owners, as they can predict future energy requirements and allocate resources more effectively. This proactive approach can lead to significant cost savings and optimized operations.

Mike Sorensen, president of Wild Energy, emphasized the company’s commitment to aiding sophisticated property owners. He said, “Our mission is to provide sophisticated property owners with the tools they need to optimize energy management and reduce operational costs. With the Advanced Analytics Platform, we are taking this mission to the next level. Property owners can now understand their energy usage patterns, spot anomalies, and make decisions that benefit their bottom line and their property.”

For the campground industry, which often spans vast areas and includes multiple facilities, such a platform is a game-changer. Campground owners can leverage the platform to ensure sustainable practices, reduce operational costs, and enhance the guest experience by ensuring uninterrupted utility services.

The Advanced Analytics Platform is not a standalone product but an addition to Wild Energy’s comprehensive suite of offerings. 

This suite includes utility smart-metering, dedicated portals for owners and guests, billing integrations, and more. The seamless integration of the platform with existing Wild Energy solutions ensures that property owners have a comprehensive energy management system at their disposal.

The implications for the campground industry are profound. With the increasing popularity of outdoor hospitality and the growing number of RV parks and campgrounds, efficient energy management is paramount. The Advanced Analytics Platform offers a solution that aligns with the industry’s needs, ensuring sustainability while optimizing operations.

Wild Energy’s latest offering is poised to make a significant impact in the campground and outdoor hospitality sectors. By providing property owners with deeper insights and actionable data, the Advanced Analytics Platform stands as a testament to Wild Energy’s commitment to innovation and the betterment of the industry.

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February 23, 2024 8:11 pm

Picture campground operators waving goodbye to energy waste and inefficiency, and embracing exact, data-driven insights with Wild Energy’s Cutting-Edge Analytics Platform. It’s a bit like having a magic wand for energy usage, championing sustainability, and elevating the guest experience with a more effective and eco-friendly camping adventure. In my view, this is a groundbreaking development for the industry!

Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis
March 15, 2024 5:06 am

Isn’t it intriguing how Wild Energy’s platform not only saves costs and optimizes operations but also lets owners customize reports and track key indicators? Plus, it syncs with smart meters for real-time data, perfect for campground sustainability and guest experiences. What do you think about this all-in-one solution for property management? It sounds like a game-changer, right?

Emma Ward
Emma Ward
April 2, 2024 4:15 am
Reply to  Robert Lewis

You know, having an all-in-one solution like this for property management is truly a game-changer. It’s like having a secret weapon that gives you superpowers in understanding properties, don’t you think?


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