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Resident Appeals KOA Approval: A Look at Sustainability Efforts

In the heart of Great Cacapon (West Virginia), a recent appeal by local resident Samantha Davis to the Planning Commission has reignited a fervent discussion about the approval of a KOA (Kampgrounds of America) project.

As reported by The Morgan Messenger, Davis’s appeal is not an isolated concern but echoes the sentiments of many in the community. The proposed 173-site KOA campground has faced its fair share of opposition, especially from notable environmental groups such as the Potomac Riverkeeper Network and Friends of the Cacapon River. Their apprehensions range from potential sewage pollution and viewshed disruption to the broader implications of increased traffic and trash disposal.

KOA’s Commitment to Sustainability: Beyond the Kamp Green Program

While the proposed campground has been a hot topic, it’s essential to understand KOA’s broader sustainability initiatives.

In 2010, KOA rolled out the Kamp Green program, a testament to its commitment to sustainability across environmental, economic, and social dimensions. This program is not just about guidelines and rules; it’s about educating and motivating campers and colleagues about the importance of conserving natural resources. The emphasis is clear: energy and water conservation, efficient waste management, and proactive environmental education.

The Kamp Green certification process, a cornerstone of this initiative, rewards campgrounds for their sustainable practices. Campgrounds can earn points in diverse categories, from education and inspiration to exemplary sustainable practices.

But KOA’s efforts don’t stop at certifications. They have implemented specific sustainability measures across their campgrounds, including energy-efficient lighting, high-efficiency toilets, water recycling systems, and even community gardens. Furthermore, they actively promote eco-friendly camping tips, encouraging practices like using sustainable camping gear, supporting local food sources, and advocating for energy conservation.

The appeal and the ensuing debate in Great Cacapon reflect a growing awareness of the importance of aligning business practices with community values and environmental protection.

As for the industry’s role in promoting greener campgrounds, the broader context of KOA’s sustainability efforts and the Kamp Green program provides insight into the company’s commitment to responsible camping and conservation. 

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May 25, 2024 12:24 am

It’s vital for businesses to connect with communities and go green, especially in hot topics like the KOA project in Great Cacapon. Let’s chat, listen, and find win-win solutions together!


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