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Fairmont City Council Seeks to Update Zoning Regulations, Addresses E-Bike Restrictions

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Fairmont City Council (West Virginia) on Tuesday night voted to hold public hearings on three ordinances aimed to modernize and simplify parts of Fairmont’s zoning codes, according to a report.

Shae Strait, the director of city development and planning, said the three changes are intended to “get Fairmont’s land use regulations into a contemporary standard.”

“We believe that will work better for both businesses and residents and visitors going forward,” Strait said. “We’re constantly working to revise and update these codes to accommodate that, but as well we’re trying to set up some stepping stones for some major changes.”

Two of the major modifications Strait mentioned were a modified sign code for businesses and right-of-way design standards for future neighborhoods.

The three public hearings were only the beginning of a journey, as Strait said.

If approved, the first ordinance will amend definitions for specific businesses and manufactured homes. Both are proposed to provide clarification and to be compatible with future changes.

The second law will update the allowed uses of zoned districts. This includes modifications such as allowing townhouses in commercial districts, as well as restricting gas stations within residential areas.

If the third ordinance is adopted, it will get rid of duplicative terminology that has been revised to fit elsewhere.

The three ordinances will have public hearings during the council’s next meeting on February 22.

The council also heard a petition from a citizen Kevin Blaney, a community member and a non-traditional student at Fairmont State University.

Blaney showed the council what he described as “an electric unicycle.”

“The device I have with me tonight… is what they call a personal electrical vehicle,” Blaney said to the council. “It looks like a gimmick to some people… but this is a mode of transportation.”

Blaney said he was pulled over by a city officer when riding his PEV to the campus. The officer pointed out various city codes that categorize PEVs as recreation vehicles and that they should not be driven on roads but must be driven on sidewalks.

“[The officer] told me there really aren’t a lot of regulations on it and that it’d be best to stay off the road and stick to the sidewalk,” Blaney said. “The issue is this is a 31 mile-per-hour vehicle. This is not a skateboard, this is not a hoverboard; this is a mode of transportation.”

Blaney asked the council to review the rules and regulations regarding PEVs as electric bicycles—another type of PEV—are gaining popularity and could soon enter Fairmont.

The council has agreed to look into the matter.

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