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Spokane County Closes Liberty Lake Park for Major Upgrades Through Summer

Spokane County announced the summer closure of Liberty Lake Regional Park due to major upgrades, according to a press release.  

Liberty Lake Regional Park spans 3,591 acres and offers diverse landscapes, including wetlands, lakeshores, montane forests, and irrigated lawns. It is also an ORV park and features a seasonal campground and extensive day-use picnic areas. Due to significant renovations set to enhance the park’s amenities, the facility will not be open for day use until the end of September.

As reported by The Spokesman-Review on May 2, Doug Chase, director of Spokane County Parks, Recreation and Golf, addressed county commissioners, outlining the delay in construction, which has pushed the projected completion date to late September. 

The renovations at Liberty Lake are part of an improvement plan initiated in 2018. The plan aims to enhance the park facilities across over 3,500 acres. This summer’s construction marks the first phase, with the county dedicating approximately $3.8 million to these upgrades.

“We had planned to have substantial completion done the first week of June. We now are literally looking at construction to go through the entire summer,” Chase said.

The planned improvements to the beach area include installing two new shade structures, replacing outdated restroom facilities, and constructing a 177-foot floating dock. This dock will feature an accessible kayak launch and designated fishing areas, along with updated lighting, landscaping, and stormwater management systems.

Adjacent to the beach, the park’s gravel parking lot will undergo significant changes. Approximately $700,000 of the project budget has been allocated to pave the lot and add new striping, signage, and lighting, the press release indicates.

In addition to the park renovations, JR Construction of Post Falls, the contractor responsible for the park’s upgrades, will also begin work on Zephyr Road. 

During the park’s closure, access will be restricted to individuals who have made prior reservations for the park’s shelters, campgrounds, RV sites, or cabins. The county has assured that full refunds will be available should visitors choose to cancel their reservations due to construction activities.

The ongoing renovations at Liberty Lake Regional Park offers valuable lessons for RV park owners and campground operators, particularly regarding customer communication and infrastructure improvement strategies.

The proactive approach of Spokane County in outlining the scope and timelines of the renovations sets a benchmark for transparency. They maintain trust and goodwill with their clientele by clearly communicating with potential visitors about construction delays and offering full refunds for any inconvenience. This is especially important for parks and campgrounds, which rely on seasonal visitors and repeat business. 

Additionally, for owners considering future proposals, integrating visitor-centric amenities could elevate their service offerings and distinguish their facilities in a competitive market.

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May 2, 2024 9:58 pm

Exciting news about Liberty Lake Regional Park – it’s getting a major facelift! Once it reopens in September, we can look forward to better picnic spots, updated trails, and a more eco-friendly vibe. I can’t wait to check out all the new upgrades!

May 3, 2024 1:57 am
Reply to  CaseySprint

The upgraded park will feature new picnic spots, improved trails, and a more environmentally friendly atmosphere. Are you excited to explore the enhancements in September?

May 2, 2024 10:39 pm

Outdoor lovers! How exciting is this news about Liberty Lake Park upgrades? Imagine the improved trails, new amenities like shade structures, and enhanced beach area. While the park’s closed, it’s the perfect time to explore other awesome spots like Riverside State Park. Share your thoughts on this park transformation!

Brian Wood
Brian Wood
May 3, 2024 12:58 am

Are you ready to check out the awesome upgrades happening at Liberty Lake Park this summer? From new beach areas to improved trails, it’s going to be a whole new experience. Stay tuned for more updates and get set for a fantastic outdoor adventure soon!

May 3, 2024 6:11 am
Reply to  Brian Wood

You won’t believe the amazing upgrades going on at Liberty Lake Park this summer! It’s going to be quite the transformation when you see it! Get ready for an outdoor makeover that’ll have you walking on sunshine!

May 3, 2024 1:06 am

Have you heard about the buzz at Liberty Lake Park? Exciting upgrades are in the works, including shade structures and a cool floating dock with a kayak launch. Join us for the big reveal in late September and immerse yourself in the revamped 3,500-acre park. Can’t wait!

May 3, 2024 4:22 am

Outdoor enthusiasts! Have you heard the buzz about Liberty Lake Park’s upgrades? It’s not just about sprucing up. it’s about creating a sweet spot for us all to unwind and connect with nature. Can’t wait to see the new digs! It’s going to be awesome!

Gia Sunrise
Gia Sunrise
May 3, 2024 5:53 am

I reckon regulars at Liberty Lake Park will be stoked about the upgrades! Exciting stuff like the new dock and beach improvements await. Use the downtime to explore Spokane County’s other outdoor gems!

May 3, 2024 6:20 am

With Liberty Lake Park getting a makeover, why not check out other cool outdoor spots in Spokane for your nature fix? Stay in the loop on the revamp progress through Spokane County Parks and Recreation updates. It’s all about keeping the adventures alive!

May 3, 2024 9:39 am

I stumbled upon an exciting tidbit about Liberty Lake Park’s renovations! Gearing up with new shade structures, restrooms, and even a floating dock, the park’s going to be top-notch!


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