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News for April 16, 2024

National Park Rangers Lead ‘Hike Through Time’ Offering Glimpses of America’s Rich History

The Manhattan Project National Historical Park and Whitman Mission National Historic Site held a unique event today called “Hike Through Time.” This guided hike promises participants a journey up Candy Mountain, filled with historical narratives about the mid-Columbia region.

The 3.6-mile round-trip hike, of moderate difficulty, will not only challenge the participants physically but also mentally, as they delve deep into the history of the region. From the Ice Age Floods to the Manhattan Project, the hike promises a comprehensive understanding of the area’s past.

Candy Mountain, with its natural beauty, serves as the perfect backdrop for such an event. Its significance goes beyond its scenic views, as it holds stories of Native Peoples, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Christian missionaries, and Hanford’s role during World War II.

The role of National Park Service (NPS) rangers is pivotal in such events. Trained in various disciplines, from natural sciences to history, these rangers bring the past to life, ensuring visitors leave with a deeper appreciation of the nation’s heritage, according to a news release by the service.

The term “ranger” has historical significance. Originating from the Middle English period, it referred to those who patrolled royal forests. Today, the term encompasses all uniformed employees of the National Park Service, dedicated to preserving the nation’s natural and cultural resources.

Over the years, the duties of park rangers have evolved. From guiding tours and giving talks to law enforcement and emergency services, their primary goal remains the same: to protect park resources and visitors.

The NPS, established in 1872 with the creation of Yellowstone National Park, marked the beginning of a global movement to preserve areas of natural and historical significance. Today, this movement has grown, with over 100 nations having national parks or equivalent preserves.

The evolution of the National Park Service is a testament to America’s commitment to preserving its heritage. From the initial 35 parks and monuments to the current 400 areas spanning over 84 million acres, the NPS stands as a beacon of conservation and education.

The “Hike Through Time” is more than just a physical journey; it’s a testament to the National Park Service’s commitment to education and preservation. Events like these highlight the importance of understanding our past to shape a better future.

As participants gear up for the hike, they’re not just preparing for a trek up Candy Mountain. They’re embarking on a journey through time, guided by the knowledgeable National Park Service rangers, ready to share the rich tapestry of America’s history.

The NPS continues its mission, with over 20,000 employees dedicated to preserving America’s national parks. They work closely with communities to preserve local history and provide recreational opportunities, ensuring that the nation’s heritage remains accessible to all.

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February 15, 2024 4:26 am

Attending the Hike Through Time event at Candy Mountain was a noteworthy experience! National Park rangers are so devoted to preserving our history, and it’s remarkable how they bring it to life for visitors. Their efforts to deepen our understanding of America’s cultural heritage are genuinely inspiring. I believe these events are essential for shaping a better future through a deeper appreciation of our past.

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones
April 14, 2024 8:39 am
Reply to  novaNate

Your experience sounds so cool! Can you share more details about the event? I’m really interested in learning more about it. Keep exploring and sharing those amazing adventures!


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