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Sky Meadows State Park Enhances Lost Mountain Trail, Embarks on Continued Fundraising for Trail Improvements

Sky Meadows State Park (Virginia) has announced the completion of major upgrades to its Lost Mountain Trail, marking a significant step in its ongoing efforts to enhance trail sustainability and visitor experience. 

The park, known for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, has also initiated a continuous fundraising campaign to further improve its trail system.

The Lost Mountain Trail, a 2.2-mile path designed for hikers and equestrians, is situated within the park’s 248-acre Lost Mountain area, a region that has been open to the public since the early 1990s. In recent years, the trail faced challenges due to erosion caused by frequent use and inadequate drainage.

To address these issues, Sky Meadows engaged Ironwood Outdoors, a renowned trail building company. This project marks the third collaboration between the park and Ironwood Outdoors since 2018. The renovation work, which commenced in early November, involved comprehensive enhancements to the trail’s structure and layout.

The upgrades included rerouting sections of the trail to circumvent hazardous areas, improving the trail’s out slope for better drainage, and installing features to prevent washout and water pooling. These modifications not only aim to provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for visitors but also to protect the natural ecosystem of Lost Mountain.

Park Manager Patrick McNamara emphasized the dual benefits of the project, stating, “The upgrades to Lost Mountain Trail not only provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for visitors but also create a more sustainable trail that protects Lost Mountain’s ecosystems and conserves its natural resources.

Funding for the Lost Mountain Trail project was primarily sourced from the Friends of Sky Meadows Trail Legacy Campaign. Launched in 2019, the campaign set a fundraising goal of $28,000, which was successfully met this fall. The campaign drew support from a wide range of park visitors, from long-time enthusiasts to newcomers.

Tracy Reitnauer, president of Friends of Sky Meadows (FOSK), expressed satisfaction with the campaign’s success. “It gives me great pleasure to be a part of the continuous upgrading of our trails,” Reitnauer said. She highlighted Sky Meadows’ unique position within Virginia’s state park system and its role in providing a space for solitude and family togetherness.

Building on the success of the Trail Legacy Campaign, Sky Meadows State Park has launched the Friends of Sky Meadows Trail Legacy Fund. This evergreen campaign aims to maintain and expand the park’s trail network, ensuring that they meet sustainability standards and cater to the needs of future generations.

The completion of the Lost Mountain Trail upgrades and the ongoing fundraising efforts underscore Sky Meadows State Park’s commitment to enhancing outdoor recreation opportunities. These initiatives not only improve the visitor experience but also contribute to the broader outdoor recreation industry by setting standards for trail sustainability and conservation.

Featured image from Sky Meadows State Park.


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