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Proposed Virginia RV Park Deems Time Limit Crucial

During Halifax Town Council’s (Virginia) meeting on Tuesday, business owner Dean Jones detailed his RV park proposal, putting forward his request to lift the proposed three-month limit for guests’ stay at Toots Creek RV Park.

As per the report, the council is expected to vote on Jones’ special use permit application for the park following a public hearing.

Jones lodged a proposal to build an RV park within a C-1 commercial zoning district on property adjoining his Toots Creek Antique Mall.

Jones also requested town council members to lift the proposed three-month limit for guests’ stay at Toots Creek RV Park.

Jones explained that guests who are contractors might require a stay longer than three months, several months, or even several years, depending on the type of project they’re working on.

“My market niche that I am wanting are solar project workers, pipeline and power plant workers, traveling nurses, workers that will be in the area while constructing buildings in our local industrial parks, and also workers that will come in when the new high school is being built,” Jones told the council. “All of the above may be here months or years depending on the project.”

If the town Halifax decides not to remove the three-month limit on guests staying at the proposed RV park, Jones told the council that he would be forced to build the park inside Halifax County instead.

Jones said he had talked to an official in the county who has informed him that Halifax County doesn’t have a stay restriction.

“I must be able to sustain my business model, and it must be economically viable for me to open Toots Creek RV Park in the town of Halifax,” Jones stated. I am fine with the condition stating that guests of the RV park cannot be a permanent resident because I don’t want permanent residents either, and the Code of Virginia states that RV’s are a temporary dwelling.

If the town of Halifax eliminates the three-month limit on guests’ stay at the park, Jones told the council that he plans to create a visually appealing RV park located at Toots Creek and already has a natural buffer around the park that has between 15 to 20 trees across the property line. Jones also said that he would have green areas between each RV site in the park.

Former Halifax town council member Bill Confroy also spoke in support of the RV park during Tuesday’s public comment portion of the council’s work session.

“A first-class RV park can accommodate a variety of people, like family members, vacationers, temporary workers, visitors for the Crossing of the Dan,” Confroy stated. “An investment of this kind will generate taxes, revenue, customers for local business. I believe a quality park will be a real asset to the town with the right zoning ordinance.”

This story originally appeared on The Gazette Virginian. 

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February 15, 2024 2:09 am

It’s important to consider the impact on the community and employment opportunities the RV park could bring. Exploring compromise options, like a tiered pricing structure for longer stays, may accommodate both business needs and the town council’s concerns. What are your thoughts on finding a balance between supporting the park’s target market and ensuring the park’s operations align with the town’s goals?

April 1, 2024 10:40 pm
Reply to  Headlines230

Finding that balance between pleasing the RV park’s crowd and meeting the town’s goals is crucial. It’s like dancing to two tunes at once! Did you know RV travel is a booming trend, with more people hitting the road for adventure and relaxation?

April 10, 2024 9:31 am

RV travel is indeed increasingly popular, drawing more individuals seeking adventure and relaxation. It’s fantastic to see more people embracing the freedom and flexibility of RV travel. We can all appreciate that!

March 18, 2024 12:53 am

Isn’t it interesting that Jones wants to set up an RV park by Toots Creek? Imagine if they lift the three-month guest stay limit. It could bring in all kinds of visitors for longer stays, helping not just the park but the whole area. I reckon it could be a win-win for everyone involved. Exciting times ahead if things go as planned!


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