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George Washington National Forest Considers $14 Fee for Oronoco Campground

The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests (Virginia), known for their breathtaking landscapes and myriad recreational activities, are on the cusp of a significant change. A proposal has been put forth to introduce a $14 fee for the Oronoco Campground, a previously free dispersed camping spot in northern Amherst County.

The primary objective is to channel these funds towards the enhancement and sustained maintenance of this beloved recreation site, ensuring its longevity and appeal for future generations. The Amherst County Board of Supervisors recently had this initiative presented to them, offering insights into the broader vision for the campground.

Lauren Stull, a ranger representing the USDA Forest Service’s Glenwood/Pedlar District, emphasized the district’s reputation as a premier recreation destination. With attractions ranging from the South Pedlar ATV trail system to the iconic Appalachian Trail, the district promises a diverse array of experiences.

“We want to do our best when we are managing a really large recreation portfolio to make sure that we are focusing our efforts and our limited resources to provide really high quality opportunities for the public both now and in the future,” Stull recently told the Amherst board. “We call that sustainable recreation.”

Maintaining such vast and frequented recreational spots requires resources. While most of the activities on national forest land remain free, certain developed or popular areas necessitate a fee. These fees play a pivotal role in covering operational costs and ensuring that these sites are maintained to the highest standards.

With the proposed fee, the Oronoco Campground is poised for a series of upgrades. The vision includes the introduction of potable water, delineated campsites, and amenities such as fire rings, lantern posts, and picnic tables. Such enhancements aim to provide campers with a structured and enriched experience.

However, every proposal has its set of challenges. Concerns have been raised about the availability of suitable camping spots, and there have been instances where the national forest has been misused as a permanent dwelling. The overarching goal is to refine the Oronoco Campground, addressing these issues and ensuring a harmonious experience for all visitors.

For those eager to share their perspectives or seeking further details, Lauren Stull remains accessible. She can be contacted at (540) 291-2188 or through email at [email protected].

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February 19, 2024 2:06 am

It’s crucial to note that the proposed fee for the Oronoco Campground aligns with comparable fees at other recreation sites within the George Washington National Forest, which have been effective in supporting maintenance and enhancements. Additionally, the public input process for the fee proposal allows for community members and stakeholders to share their perspectives and concerns, ensuring an honest and transparent decision-making process. 😊

May 16, 2024 6:41 pm

Hey campers, exciting news! Besides the campground fee, we might get ranger-led walks and a new reservation system. Let’s enhance our forest experience together!


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