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How Vermont Campgrounds Are Weathering the Wet Summer of 2023

Vermont, known for its lush green mountains and serene landscapes, faced an unusually wet summer in 2023. The persistent rain posed challenges for campgrounds, affecting outdoor activities and the overall camping experience.

Grand Isle State Park, a popular camping destination, saw more rainy days than sunny ones. Campers like Kevin Chamberlain, who had booked their sites months in advance, found their plans disrupted. Swimming, campfires, and biking became challenging, if not impossible, on some days.

“We booked the sites, I think it was back in early March, and we didn’t realize this summer was going to be as wet as it has been,” Kevin Chamberlain told WCAX.

The rain wasn’t just a problem for Grand Isle. Across Vermont, campgrounds grappled with increased mosquito populations and flooding. Some sites even had to close temporarily due to waterlogging.

The WCAX report also revealed that day entries for activities like hiking and fishing took the biggest hit, decreasing by 20% statewide.

Despite the challenges, Vermont’s camping spirit remained undeterred. Campers adapted by equipping themselves with waterproof gear, bug sprays, and other essentials. Tarps and boards became common sights, ensuring vehicles didn’t get stuck in the mud.

Interestingly, while day entries for activities like hiking and fishing saw a decline, camping rates in popular areas like Grand Isle State Park witnessed a surge. It seems the allure of camping under the rain held a unique charm for many.

Vermont, part of the New England region, boasts a rich camping culture. The state offers diverse camping experiences, from drive-in camp sites and remote campsites to group camping areas and even an inn-style lodge.

New England, with its tall mountains, rich farmland, and salty seacoasts, offers a plethora of outdoor activities. The region is steeped in history and culture, making it a favorite travel destination.

As the summer draws to a close, Vermont’s campgrounds and park officials remain hopeful. The anticipation is that the fall will bring drier conditions, allowing for a recovery of some of the losses experienced during the wet summer.

For those undeterred by the rain, experts urge campers to come prepared. Waterproof clothing, bug sprays, tarps, and boards are essential. And for those willing to embrace the rain, the experience can be uniquely rewarding.

Known for its progressive and environmental stance, Vermont offers more than just camping. From its ski mountains and craft beer to dairy farms and the legend of Champy, the state is a treasure trove of experiences.

Rain or shine, Vermont’s camping spirit remains unbroken. The wet summer of 2023, while challenging, showcased the resilience and adaptability of campers and park officials alike.

Featured image from Grand Isle State Park


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