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Vanspeed Unveils Affordable Luxury with New Summit Adventure Vans Under $200,000

Vanspeed, a company that offers luxury custom van solutions, has launched the Summit line, a groundbreaking series of adventure vans designed to merge the comforts of luxury living with the thrill of exploration.

Priced under $200,000, the Summit series offers a versatile layout perfect for weekend getaways and extended outdoor expeditions, allowing adventurers to explore in style and comfort.

The Summit series is built on the dependable 144’’ four-wheel drive Sprinter platform, ensuring the capability to handle rough terrains and everyday driving conditions.

Image by Vanspeed via vanspeedshop.com

This model includes a variety of luxurious interior features, making it an ideal choice for diverse activities such as family trips, camping, winter sports, and beach excursions, all while providing the comfort of home on the road.

Image by Vanspeed via vanspeedshop.com

Duran Morley, Owner and Founder of Vanspeed, emphasizes the company’s commitment to redefining comfortable living on the go. “Growing up in the motorsports world and traveling to remote race locations inspired me to create something that allows customers to move seamlessly from one activity to another in total comfort,” Duran said. 

“We aim to break free from the limited custom layouts in the adventure van market by offering a van that incorporates all the highest quality amenities of home,” Duran added.

The Summit’s interior boasts a Murphy-style bed that converts into a loft-style living area, a one-burner Dometic cooktop, a refrigerator and freezer, and a 40-gallon fresh water tank, catering to all cooking and storage needs. 

Image by Vanspeed via vanspeedshop.com

An outdoor connect shower provides added convenience for rinsing off after a day of adventures. The van’s lithium power system supports off-grid living, ensuring electrical power in remote locations.

Premium maple natural wood paneling, complemented by sleek black velvet accessories, creates a luxurious ambiance throughout the van. The Summit’s design also addresses significant storage requirements, accommodating larger equipment like surfboards, kayaks, snowboards, tents, and bikes. 

With dedicated underbed storage and an exclusive gear garage, the van maximizes storage space without compromising interior aesthetics.

Image by Vanspeed via vanspeedshop.com

Vanspeed’s Summit model, priced at $198,000, disrupts the market by offering superior quality and luxury at a competitive price point. 

Unlike many competitors whose vehicles exceed $200,000, Vanspeed’s streamlined production process from its Southern California shop allows for higher volumes without sacrificing build quality.

“With the Summit, we aim to change the adventure vehicle landscape by offering unparalleled comfort and livability at an unprecedented price,” said Duran. 

“Our design prowess, fit, finish, and quality are unmatched in the industry. We understand our clients’ needs, and the Summit model is our next step in providing the finest fully-loaded adventure vans available today,”  Duran highlighted. 

Image by Vanspeed via vanspeedshop.com

For more information on Vanspeed and its available models, visit vanspeed.com or call (657) 227-8433.

The introduction of Vanspeed’s Summit line revolutionizes the adventure van market by blending luxury and functionality for adventurers who value comfort and capability. Priced under $200,000, it makes high-end adventure vans more accessible, challenging competitors and driving market innovation. 

Vanspeed’s quality and bespoke design set a new industry standard, meeting demand without compromising features or aesthetics. The Summit line signifies a pivotal shift towards versatile, luxurious, and affordable adventure vehicles for outdoor enthusiasts.

Featured Image by Vanspeed via vanspeedshop.com

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