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Vanspeed Launches California Coast Adventure Van Series for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Orange County-based Vanspeed announced the launch of its newest adventure van series, the California Coast, aimed at providing travelers with an elevated vehicle for camping, and other outdoor activities.

The Vanspeed 144 California Coast conversion process starts at $65,000, not including the van itself. It is a professional-grade vehicle tailored for both short weekend getaways and longer coastal journeys. It comes equipped with features to accommodate action sports enthusiasts, offering storage for surfboards, bikes, kayaks, and other gear.

Customized Adventure Van interior with wooden finish and built-in kitchen, perfect for the California Coast.
Image by Vanspeed

“The new Vanspeed California Coast layout was designed specifically with adventure and coastal exploration in mind. Personally, I’m an action sports enthusiast. A lot of our clients share that same passion for adventuring and being active in the outdoors,” Vanspeed Founder Duran Morley said in a press release.

The van’s interior layout shows a versatile experience, comfortably accommodating two adults. It features an adaptable space that can transition from a sleeping area to a dining station, maximizing the utility of the interior. The inclusion of a 25-gallon fresh water tank, a two-burner induction cooktop, and an isotherm refrigerator and freezer provides the essential needs for extended adventures.

Storage solutions within the California Coast are designed with specific areas for larger sports equipment and additional features like underbed storage and an exclusive gear garage.

California Coast Adventure Van interior with wooden cabinets and a kitchen area.
Image by Vanspeed

“Obviously, the beach is a big point of interest for our clients, so designing a van made for the surf and sand that can be used hard and easily cleaned out is key. Vanspeed’s commitment to helping clients pursue their passion for travel and outdoor activities is what really drives us to make new designs like the California Coast,” Morley added.

For outdoor convenience, the van includes an easily accessible quick-connecter, perfect for cleaning up. Additionally, the vehicle is fitted with an HVAC system with Maxxair RV ventilation and Thinsulate insulation from 3M for a comfortable interior environment. Vanspeed has integrated a 200-watt solar panel system into the California Coast, allowing off-grid power usage in remote locations.

“At Vanspeed, our company not only wants to help our clients get to where they want to be. We want to help them stay out there for longer, doing whatever they love most,” Morley said.

The company’s production process is streamlined through the use of predefined configurations, allowing for a faster turnaround time compared to custom-built options. 

Interior view of a California Coast Adventure Van with built-in furniture and storage solutions.
Image by Vanspeed

Vanspeed offers customization within predetermined design parameters, enabling clients to tailor their vans to specific needs while maintaining high-quality standards. The company also extends its expertise to commercial vehicle layouts, serving a variety of industries.

“Each of our van designs is laid out as a result of thousands of hours adventuring outdoors in all types of environments. Vanspeed’s new California Coast is an absolute favorite for our clients and a direct response to them wanting a layout for beachside camping, surf trips, and other outdoor fun,” Morley added.

For more information, click here.

Featured image by Vanspeed

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