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Utahraptor State Park to Implement Overnight Camping Fees

The extinct Utahraptors don’t pose a threat to humanity but a new Utah state park named after the creature is poised to chomp at your wallet, a report said.

The Utah Division of State Parks announced on Friday that beginning May 15, they will start implementing the $15 per night charge for all overnight lodging within the confines of Utahraptor State Park, located approximately 15 miles to the northwest of Moab and west of Arches National Park.

The cost covers tents, vehicles, trailers, and RVs, in addition to any other type of overnight use.

Division officials said that there are no changes to the manner in how visitors camp overnight, as they have “historically been permitted at existing dispersed sites.” Visitors who enter the park can pay using the iron ranger locations at the entry point of the park, or on the internet. The park will not charge fees for daytime usage, at least at the moment.

We ask eager adventurers to remain patient as the area is currently underdeveloped and only primitive camping is available,” division officials wrote, in a statement. “Permanently constructed bathrooms, dumpsters and portable toilets can be found throughout the area. Please utilize them appropriately and continue to practice responsible recreation.”

The Utah Legislature designated Utahraptor State Park last year. The park isn’t only in the area where many dinosaur remains have been discovered, but it also has a greater historical significance. It is also home to the Moab camp of the Civilian Conservation Corps and Moab Isolation Center during World War II.

The park is set to feature a visitor center that will include historical and paleontological exhibits in the future. Park officials have said it will include a modern campground, toilets, and trailheads that are suitable for motor and non-motorized vehicle trail systems within the area.

This will truly be a park that caters to a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts,” division officials said. (State Parks) has been hard at work planning and preparing the Utahraptor State Park for updates and construction. Utah State Parks believes that — with proper planning and coordination with partners — we can better protect the area while maintaining its recreational value.”

This story originally appeared on KSL. Featured image from Utah State Parks.


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