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Sand Hollow State Park Opens New Lakeview Campground with Stunning Views

Sand Hollow State Park, Utah’s most-visited state park, has officially opened its newest campground. 

The Lakeview Campground, which cost $4 million to construct, boasts 127 spacious campsites with views of both the Pine Valley mountain and the park’s reservoir. 

Of the 127 campsites, eight offer full hookups while 22 offer partial hookups. The campground has been fully booked for the summer season since it opened and is currently operating under a reservation system provided by Reserve America.

According to sand hollow state park manager Jason Both, the campground has been well received by visitors.

“The Lakeview campground sites are very, very spacious. You can fit truck and trailer combinations up to 75 feet long,” Both said

“It has a really nice full-service restroom to accommodate a lot of the users that don’t have hookups in their trailers. So overall, it’s a great campground,” Both added. 

Sand Hollow State Park is no stranger to hosting large events and is situated near an off-road highway vehicle staging area, making it a popular spot for off-road competitions, fishing tournaments, and the Ironman international competition. 

Utah Division of State Parks Director Jeff Rasmussen said that outdoor recreation is “exploding” and the investment in the new campground is aimed at addressing the great demand for recreation.

The expansion of park amenities also creates more jobs for contractors, park staff, and private concessionaires, among others. 

The Southern Utah area is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the country, according to Brittany McMichael, the interim director of the Greater Zion Convention and Tourism Office. 

She encouraged people to visit and enjoy the park, while also reminding them to take care of it.

Sand Hollow State Park’s Lakeview campground is a stunning addition to the park’s amenities and is sure to be a popular destination for visitors seeking a unique and picturesque camping experience.

The campground’s popularity and its full bookings for the summer season highlight the growing demand for outdoor recreation and the need for new and expanded amenities to meet that demand. 

This demonstrates a great opportunity for the industry to continue investing in the development of new outdoor recreational facilities, including campgrounds, to attract more visitors and enhance the overall outdoor recreation experience.

Moreover, the expansion of park amenities, such as the new campground, creates new job opportunities for contractors, park staff, and private concessionaires, among others, contributing to the growth of the industry and the local economy.

Finally, Sand Hollow State Park’s reputation as a top destination for outdoor recreation and large events underscores the vital role that parks and campgrounds play in supporting tourism and local economies. 

As such, the expansion of outdoor recreational facilities like the Lakeview campground can help to drive tourism and support local businesses, reinforcing the important economic benefits of outdoor hospitality and recreation.

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April 7, 2024 4:50 am

Have you heard the latest buzz? Sand Hollow State Park’s Lakeview Campground has opened up some seriously cool new activities! Imagine cruising on guided off-road tours through those stunning sand dunes or paddling along the water on kayaks. It’s all about connecting with nature in the most thrilling way possible!

April 19, 2024 3:20 am
Reply to  JournoFeed_hk

You won’t believe it! The news about the new Lakeview Campground with those stunning views is spreading like wildfire! It’s got everyone talking! I really admire how they’ve created such an awesome experience for nature lovers. It’s truly remarkable!


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