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High Water Levels Close Multiple Moab Campgrounds

Several campgrounds in Moab, Utah will be temporarily closed as a safety precaution due to the rising water levels in the Colorado River. The Utah Bureau of Land Management made the announcement on Thursday.

The campgrounds that are temporarily closed are the following:

The closures come after a record-breaking winter season, which has led to unusually high spring runoff in rivers and streams across the state. 

This has caused flooding in some areas, such as an RV park in Logan, where about 40 residents were left without electricity and power. 

Additionally, a section of Highway 89 was closed for a few days when water at Thistle Creek breached its temporary berms.

Officials are urging the public to stay away from swift currents during this time. The National Weather Service has provided flood safety tips for residents, including:

Private campground owners and operators are also being affected by the temporary closures. With fewer available campsites, these business owners may experience a decline in visitors and revenue. 

However, the safety of campers and the preservation of the affected areas take precedence during this time.

In the long run, private campground owners and operators may benefit from these temporary closures, as ensuring public safety can help maintain a positive reputation and attract more visitors once water levels recede.

The Utah Bureau of Land Management will continue to monitor the situation and will reopen the campgrounds when water levels in the Colorado River return to safe levels. 

For more information on campgrounds across Utah, visit the Bureau of Management’s website.

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Iris Flight
Iris Flight
March 31, 2024 5:09 pm

Just a heads up about the campgrounds in Moab temporarily closed due to high water levels. While they’ll reopen when safe, check out other camping spots nearby for your outdoor fix. Stay informed by visiting the Utah Bureau of Land Management’s site. Take care and happy adventures!


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