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General RV Expands with 15th Supercenter: A Boost for RV Camping and Local Economy

In a significant development for the RV industry, General RV, the nation’s largest family-owned RV dealer, has broken ground on its 15th Supercenter. 

Located in South Weber, Utah, the new Supercenter is expected to house a 65,000-square-foot facility, have 30 service bays, and will have the capacity to hold 450 RVs. 

This move is seen as a significant step in expanding the company’s footprint and providing more access to quality RVs for outdoor enthusiasts.

The new Supercenter is located approximately 30 miles north of Salt Lake City, making it easily accessible for residents and tourists alike. The location is strategic, considering Utah’s reputation as a hub for outdoor activities. With the new Supercenter, General RV aims to cater to the growing demand for RVs in the region.

The groundbreaking ceremony was a momentous occasion, with city and local leaders joining General RV representatives to celebrate the start of construction, according to a press release.

The new Supercenter is the second General RV store to open in Utah, indicating the company’s confidence in the state’s RV market.

The expansion of General RV comes at a time when the RV industry is experiencing significant growth. More people are turning to RVs as a way to enjoy the outdoors while having the comforts of home. 

The addition of 19,000 overnight parking, dump station, and water station locations to maps by The Dyrt PRO further enhances the appeal of RV camping.

The new Supercenter will not only provide a wide range of RVs but also offer world-class, award-winning service. This commitment to service has been a cornerstone of General RV’s success and is expected to continue driving its growth in Utah and beyond.

However, the expansion is not without challenges. The RV industry has been grappling with supply chain issues due to the pandemic. Despite these challenges, General RV has managed to forge ahead with its expansion plans, demonstrating its resilience and commitment to serving the RV community.

The impact of General RV’s expansion extends beyond the RV industry. It is expected to boost local businesses and contribute to the local economy. Moreover, it will create jobs, further benefiting the local community.

The groundbreaking of General RV’s 15th Supercenter marks a significant milestone for the company and the RV industry. It is a testament to the growing popularity of RV camping and the resilience of the RV industry amid challenges. 

As General RV continues to expand, it brings more people closer to nature, promoting the joy of outdoor living.

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April 4, 2024 1:26 pm

Check out General RV’s cool new Supercenter near Salt Lake City! They’re not just about RVs. they’re all about making outdoor adventures more accessible and eco-friendly. It’s awesome to see a company caring about sustainability while offering top-notch service to RV enthusiasts like us.


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