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USDA Forest Service Offers Online Christmas Tree Permits via Recreation.gov

In a move that enhances the holiday experience for outdoor enthusiasts, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service has announced the availability of Christmas Tree permits through Recreation.gov

The Forest Service’s decision to sell permits online aligns with the growing trend of digital solutions in outdoor recreation. It simplifies the process of obtaining a permit but also aligns with the increasing demand for online services, a release highlighted.

USDA Forest Service Chief Randy Moore emphasized the importance of this tradition in creating family memories and fostering a connection with nature. “Venturing into a local national forest to find that special tree is an experience that creates treasured family memories and stories,” Moore said. He also noted the role these experiences play in establishing a lifelong commitment to forest stewardship.

The online service has received positive feedback from users. A user who visited the Tahoe National Forest shared her family’s experience: “Our family loves getting Christmas tree permits and cutting down our own tree. Thank you for making this possible and allowing me and my family some unforgettable memories.”

Rick DeLappe, Recreation.gov program manager, highlighted the user-friendly nature of the service. “Visitor feedback has been extremely positive,” DeLappe said. He shared that out of nearly 1,200 ratings submitted by those who purchased permits on Recreation.gov during the 2022 season, 90 percent gave 4 or 5-star ratings.

The process of obtaining a permit has been streamlined to ensure convenience. Visitors can now avoid the need to visit a Forest Service office in person. Instead, they can simply go to Recreation.gov, search for their local national forest, and find all necessary details, including cutting area maps and types of trees to cut, on the respective permit pages.

DeLappe also reminded visitors of the need to print the permit and display it on their vehicle’s dashboard on the day of their visit. He mentioned that many national forests might continue to sell permits in person or through local vendors, offering flexibility in purchasing options.

The release highlights a special opportunity for fourth graders with an Every Kid Outdoors pass, who are eligible for a free Christmas tree permit. 

Additionally, the Forest Service has provided a downloadable Christmas tree ornament coloring page, encouraging kids to engage in creative activities related to their outdoor experiences.

From an environmental perspective, the permit system plays a crucial role in maintaining forest health. By allowing the cutting of Christmas trees in designated areas, the system helps thin out densely populated stands of small-diameter trees. This practice is not only beneficial for the growth of other trees but also opens up areas that provide food for wildlife.

The integration of the Christmas Tree permit system into Recreation.gov is a testament to the evolving nature of outdoor recreation and the increasing reliance on digital solutions. It reflects a broader trend in the outdoor hospitality industry towards enhancing visitor experiences through technology while maintaining a commitment to environmental stewardship.

As the holiday season approaches, the USDA Forest Service’s initiative to offer Christmas Tree permits online through Recreation.gov represents a significant development in the outdoor recreation industry. It not only simplifies the process for holiday enthusiasts but also aligns with the industry’s move towards digital solutions, enhancing the overall outdoor experience while promoting forest health and stewardship.

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Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner
March 24, 2024 9:18 pm

Isn’t it awesome that you can now grab your online Christmas tree permit from the USDA Forest Service on Recreation.gov? It’s not just about getting a permit. it’s supporting forest sustainability and making lasting holiday memories responsibly. Such a win-win for families and nature lovers!


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