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US National Parks Adjust Campground Fees to Align with Market Rates, Enhance Visitor Services

In a move reflecting market trends and aimed at enhancing visitor experiences, Glacier and Bryce Canyon National Parks have announced increases in campground fees for the upcoming year.

At Glacier National Park in Montana, frontcountry campground fees will see a rise of $3 to $10 starting next year. This adjustment, the first significant change since 2007, aligns with local campground rates and services outside the park. 

According to the KPAX News, the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act permits the collection of these fees, enabling the park to retain nearly 80% for direct visitor service enhancements. 

These funds are earmarked for projects like trail and campground repairs, accessibility improvements, and facility restoration.

During a civic engagement period from August 9 to September 8, 2023, public feedback was solicited on the proposed fee rates. Of the 46 responses, 43 percent supported the changes, 23 percent opposed, and 34 percent were neutral, offering suggestions or feedback. 

Acknowledging potential concerns over the fee increase, Glacier National Park will continue offering discounted rates for Interagency Senior and Lifetime Access pass holders.

Similarly, Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is set to increase its nightly fees for tent campers at the Sunset Campground by 50% to $30, while RV fees will remain at $30 a night, according to the National Park Service.

This decision, based on a comparability study with local campground fees, aims to reflect the amenities offered within the park. 

The park noted that since 2015, RV sites have been priced at $30 per night, while tent sites were $20. The lack of RV hook-ups led to the decision for a flat fee structure, comparable to local campgrounds.

The new fee structure will be implemented on December 28. Senior Pass and Access Pass holders will continue receiving a 50% discount. 

These fee adjustments at Glacier and Bryce Canyon National Parks reflect a broader trend in the camping industry, where balancing market rates with quality visitor services is becoming increasingly important. 

The changes are expected to positively impact the maintenance and enhancement of campground facilities, ensuring a high-quality experience for visitors.


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