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Unveiling the RV Industry Association’s New Members for August 2023

The RV Industry Association (RVIA), a pivotal body representing over 500 manufacturers and suppliers, has unveiled its new members for August 2023. 

This announcement comes as part of the association’s monthly highlight, shedding light on businesses that align with their mission of safety, education, and market expansion, as per the News & Insights report of the association.

Nomad RVs, based in Toms River, NJ, has made a mark in the industry with its Class B motorhomes. Their dedication to crafting vehicles that resonate with the modern traveler’s needs is evident in their designs. These motorhomes are not just modes of transport but a testament to Nomad RVs’ commitment to quality and innovation.

On the other hand, Rustic Trail RV, hailing from Youngsville, NC, brings to the table its exquisite range of teardrop trailers. Their trailers are a blend of simplicity and sophistication, catering to those who seek adventure without compromising on comfort. Rustic Trail RV’s emphasis on community and customer-centricity sets them apart in the crowded market.

Copperfit, located in Pomona, CA, is the go-to supplier for plumbing fixtures and supplies in the RV industry. Their vast product range, combined with a relentless focus on quality, makes them an indispensable part of the RV manufacturing process. Their products ensure that RVs are not just vehicles but homes on wheels.

Innovative Emergency Management, a consulting firm from Morrisville, NC, joins the association as an associate member. While details about their specific contributions to the RV industry are yet to be unveiled, their inclusion hints at the association’s forward-thinking approach.

The Association’s mission goes beyond just representing manufacturers and suppliers. They aim to unify the industry’s initiatives, ensuring safety, education, and a favorable business environment. Their dedication to cultivating a positive RV experience for all consumers is evident in their rigorous standards and compliance measures.

The RVIA’s new members for August 2023 are a testament to the industry’s growth and dynamism. Each member, with their unique offerings, contributes to the larger vision of the association, ensuring that the RV industry continues to thrive and evolve.


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