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U.S. Dominates Winter Destinations for Snowbirds, Survey Reveals

Snowbirds, a term traditionally used to describe retirees and other individuals who travel from colder climates to warmer regions during winter months, have long been a significant part of the seasonal travel landscape. 

This migratory trend, often seen in Americans and Canadians flocking to sunnier states like Florida, has evolved into a tourism phenomenon, blending travel, lifestyle, and community engagement. 

A recent survey conducted by Snowbird Advisor Members shed light on the current preferences and behaviors of this demographic, with  86% of respondents spending their winters in the U.S. and a notable 14% exploring various international destinations.

The top five destinations for snowbirds include Florida, Arizona, California, Mexico, and Texas, with others like South Carolina, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, and Panama also gaining popularity.

In terms of accommodations, at least 50% of respondents said they own either a house, condo, or manufactured home in their winter destination, 40% either rent or stay in a hotel or resort, and 10% own an RV. 

Meanwhile, a notable 77% have family and friends visit them during their winter stay, with 38% returning to Canada at least once in the season, and another 12% making two to three trips back home.

Port St. Joe RV Resort in Florida exemplifies the type of destination that appeals to modern snowbirds. Located near Mexico Beach and Indian Pass, this resort offers a serene escape from crowded tourist spots. 

With its white sandy beaches, proximity to seafood restaurants, and a range of activities like snorkeling and fishing, Port St. Joe provides an ideal blend of relaxation and recreation. 

The resort’s amenities, including full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, and a family-friendly environment, cater to the needs of snowbirds seeking a comfortable and connected winter home.

As RV travelers from the northern states and Canada have flocked to the warmth and sunshine of northwest Florida, Navarre Beach Camping Resort stands as another example catering to such a busy snowbird season. 

“Our snowbird season starts in October and ends March 1,” said Maria Tascon, general manager of Navarre Beach Camping Resort, in an earlier interview with Modern Campground

“In these five months, we receive around 25 monthly snowbirds that we prepare the whole calendar for them in advance—we have activities planned for every single day of the week for them.” 

The findings from the Snowbird Advisor Members survey, coupled with the appeal of destinations like Port St. Joe RV Resort, have significant implications for RV parks and campground owners. 

Catering to snowbirds can be a lucrative opportunity, as this demographic often seeks extended stays and appreciates a range of amenities. Offering a blend of modern facilities, engaging activities, and a sense of community can attract this group.

Conversely, not catering to snowbirds could mean missing out on a steady and reliable source of off-season income. As the snowbird population continues to evolve, staying attuned to their preferences and adapting offerings accordingly will be key for RV parks and campgrounds aiming to capitalize on this market.

The snowbird lifestyle continues to thrive, with surveys like that of Snowbird Advisor Members providing valuable insights into their preferences. For RV parks and campground owners, understanding and catering to the snowbird market can open doors to sustained success and growth.


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