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Tweddle Group, Harbinger Unveils New Vendor Agreement

Tweddle Group and Harbinger announced a vendor agreement on October 5. This partnership promises to reshape the RV industry, offering innovative electric vehicle (EV) solutions.

Last year, a release revealed that THOR Industries, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Harbinger to enhance the electrified RV experience for consumers

Tweddle Group, renowned for its product service and support, will provide Harbinger with a range of tailored services. These services aim to streamline the integration of EV technologies, making electrification more accessible to RV manufacturers.

Harbinger, with its cutting-edge EV technologies, stands at the forefront of this transformation. The collaboration with Tweddle Group will enable Harbinger’s clients to introduce cost-effective EV options to their RV product lines, marking a significant shift in the RV industry’s trajectory.

“Electrification is an important step for the fleet vehicle industry,” stated Tweddle Group president Todd Headlee. “EV presents new modes of product use and support, and we’re proud to contribute to that aspect of Harbinger’s business. Our information systems will help ensure efficient, effective repair of Harbinger’s products, and will support the product experience for end users.”

Tweddle Group’s offerings are not just about services. They present a holistic platform equipped with diagnostic tools and user operation content. “We give manufacturers centralized control of their product information, so they can deliver high-quality, high-integrity content while minimizing burden for their internal teams,” added Headlee.

On the other hand, Harbinger’s mission is clear: to innovate. With a focus on medium-duty EVs, including RVs, Harbinger is poised to meet the industry’s growing demands. Their unique EV platform, designed specifically for commercial vehicles, offers a fresh perspective on RV electrification.

The partnership between Tweddle Group and Harbinger signifies a new era for the RV industry. As electrification becomes the norm, collaborations like these will pave the way for a sustainable and innovative RV market.


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