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News for July 20, 2024

Truma Integrates SoftStartUSA Technology

Truma North America announced the integration of SoftStartUSA technology into their Truma Aventa air conditioning systems, beginning July 2024.

Brian Gibson, SoftStartUSA’s co-founding partner, highlighted the enthusiasm about the partnership with Truma, describing it as a well-known and respected brand within the industry. 

He further mentioned that Truma’s testing and qualification procedures were notably more rigorous than those of many consumer product safety organizations they have previously worked with.

“SoftStartRV delivered on sharply reducing startup inrush current for better power efficiency, and most importantly, continuing to provide peak startup performance throughout Truma’s very demanding cycle-testing process, which included various conditions that mimic actual user scenarios,” Gibson said in a press release.

In addition, Mark Howlett, executive vice president of Truma, expressed his satisfaction with the results, stating that the SoftStartRV proved to be an excellent match for the Aventa air conditioning systems. 

The decision to incorporate this technology was driven by the increasing popularity of lithium batteries and solar power in the RV market, particularly for off-grid camping experiences.

One of the features of the SoftStartRV technology is its compact size. According to Howlett, SoftStartRV is up to 52% smaller than other similar units. The compact size fits the low-silhouette, aerodynamic designs of the Aventa without restricting valuable airflow within the rooftop compartment.

Doug Curtis, SoftStartUSA co-founder, emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of RV enthusiasts. “We’ve listened to our RV customers, RV systems experts, and our own dedicated support teams to refine our soft start units to be the best in the market,” Curtis said.

He highlighted that the collaboration with Truma emphasizes their dedication to producing intelligent, outstanding, and reliable products aimed at enhancing comfort for RVers in their mobile lifestyles.

Truma is offering flexibility in how customers can access this new technology. RV manufacturers and end-users alike will have the option to purchase Aventa eco or comfort models with the SoftStartRV unit pre-installed directly through Truma. This factory installation ensures compliance with Truma’s product warranty terms, providing peace of mind for buyers.

For those who already own a Truma Aventa system, there’s good news as well. Existing owners can purchase a soft start upgrade through a Truma Service Facility or Truma Mobile Technician.

For more information about Truma, visit truma.com/us.

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