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Trailblazing the Path: RV Women’s Alliance and Esteemed Companies Elevate Women in the RV Industry

The RV Women’s Alliance (RVWA), with its robust mission to elevate, educate, and promote women within the RV industry, has become a beacon of empowerment and recognition. 

Through various initiatives, awards, and programs, the RVWA not only acknowledges the significant contributions of women but also champions companies that have embedded gender inclusivity and empowerment into their organizational culture.

The “Champion of Women Award” stands out as a pivotal initiative by the RVWA, spotlighting companies that have gone above and beyond to create environments where women can thrive and ascend to leadership roles. 

This award, presented to six exemplary companies in 2023, serves as a testament to the ongoing efforts to dismantle barriers and foster a more inclusive RV industry, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

RVWA’s initiatives, such as the Educational Symposium and mentorship programs, have carved out spaces for women to connect, learn, and grow within the RV industry. 

The RVWA Educational Symposium, for instance, provides a platform for knowledge sharing and networking, while the mentorship programs are designed to facilitate professional development and guidance for women navigating their careers in the industry.

The impact of these initiatives is palpable, with an increasing number of women joining the RVWA and actively participating in its programs. The mentorship programs and educational opportunities have not only enriched the professional journeys of women in the RV industry but have also contributed to shaping a more diverse and inclusive industry landscape.

The recognition of companies such as Grand Design RV and Great Canadian RV underscores the pivotal role organizations play in advancing women in the RV industry. 

These companies, through various initiatives like the Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) and creating environments conducive for women to explore various roles, have set benchmarks in championing women.

Alongside companies, individuals who have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to supporting and promoting women in the RV industry are also acknowledged. Their efforts, whether through mentorship, advocacy, or creating opportunities for women, play a crucial role in enhancing the representation and success of women in the industry.

Each recognized company has crafted unique strategies and initiatives to promote women in the RV industry. For instance, Storyteller Overland has demonstrated a dedicated approach to hiring and promoting women in leadership positions, while Thetford/Norcold has embraced gender diversity even within traditionally male-dominated settings.

These strategies and programs, while varied, converge on a common goal: to elevate, educate, and promote women in the RV industry. 

From creating networks and platforms for professional development to fostering environments that encourage the continuous enhancement of skills and knowledge, these companies have laid down frameworks that other organizations can emulate.

The tangible and intangible impacts of the RVWA’s initiatives and recognitions permeate through the RV industry, creating ripples of change and progress. The recognitions serve not only as accolades but also as inspirations for other companies and individuals to emulate and integrate gender inclusivity and empowerment into their operational ethos.

Looking ahead, the RVWA plans to expand its impact, with initiatives like taking the all-female RV tech class nationwide in 2023. These future endeavors signal the RVWA’s unwavering commitment to not only maintaining the momentum but also exploring new avenues to further the advancement and recognition of women in the RV industry.


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