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Tracy Anglemeyer is RV Technical Institute’s New Director of Recruitment

The key to the successful operation of the RV Technical Institute (RVTI) and its program’s capacity is to attract new RV technicians to the training program. To meet the growing demands, RVTI recently added a new Director of Recruitment to its staff: Tracy Anglemeyer.

According to an article published by the RV Industry Association (RVIA), Anglemeyer brings over three decades of experience working in the industry. She carries a wealth of knowledge and contacts to the job. In the past, Anglemeyer was the vice-president of sales at Furrion and was responsible for the company’s OEM and Aftermarket departments. Her experience spans over 20 years of sales experience, working with RV dealers and manufacturers across the nation. She holds a degree in business earned from Goshen College.

When asked about what attracted her to RVTI, the new director of recruitment said that she was drawn by the possibility of doing something different each day. “It’s ever-changing,” she said.

“On any given day, I could be at an event, or a conference, or working with recruiters. The RV industry is unique and dynamic with great people, and this opportunity allows me to use my skills and experiences to address one of our industry’s biggest challenges: recruiting and training more service technicians.”

In her new role, she is in charge of recruiting and training 1,000 technicians who are not from the industry. The recruitment efforts will involve continuing the institute’s collaboration with the American School Counselor Association, trade schools, and other government programs to find and prepare future RV technicians via unconventional channels.

In this new job, Anglemeyer will also work alongside RV dealers across the United States to make sure that current RV techs are trained with the highest quality RVTI training program.

She says that the most important element of her job is networking. “I’ve worked with a lot of different dealers in the past, and I know their backgrounds. That’s important information to have, as well as sales skills and industry knowledge.”

When asked what excites her most about her work with the RV Technical Institute, Anglemeyer stressed the potential for growth. “I love seeing things grow and come to fruition,” she said. “RVTI has already made an impact, and the potential for what RVTI can do for our industry is endless. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!”

RV Technical Institute’s goal is to offer world-class instruction for RV repairs and maintenance. This will help increase the RV industry’s supply of qualified RV technicians who can service millions of RVs in use. RVTI aims to enhance the RV user experience, cut down on repair time-to-fix, and reduce the RV industry’s lack of qualified technicians.

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February 21, 2024 7:26 pm

I’m impressed to see Tracy Anglemeyer’s impact on RV tech recruitment. Her experience will bring insightful ideas and opportunities.

Jessica Phillips
Jessica Phillips
May 13, 2024 9:49 pm

Tracy Anglemeyer is like a superhero, pulling talented RV technicians out of thin air for training 🦸‍♀️. It’s like RV repair magic!


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