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Towns Install EV Charging Stations as Gas Prices Soar

New electric vehicle (EV) charging points throughout the nation are expected to arrive as interest in alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles is rising. However, most projects were already in development prior to recent gasoline price increases, a report said.

Strong demand is expected for EVs despite their higher costs and low availability. This means that more communities will be under the need to install charging stations or risk having motorists pass them by in favor of EV-friendly places.

The plug-in stations are designed to help drivers transition to electric cars from gas-powered models. Public financing began a few years prior to the current rise in the price of gas.

However, the investments come as gasoline prices in majority of the nation are higher than $4 per gallon and even higher in certain areas.

On Monday, New Jersey officials awarded $1 million in grants for the installation of EV charging stations in 24 tourist destinations across the state. The intention was to boost tourism by reminding EV owners they can visit New Jersey and not run out of power when they return home.

Spots receiving the money to build new charging stations comprise Asbury Park, Atlantic City, Ocean City, and several state parks and forests.

On the federal side, there is a city called Hoboken located just outside New York City, that is installing six charging stations as part of a deal announced on Monday.

State governments are following suit. Bellingham, Washington will add 90 charging stations over the next two years. Portland, Maine, recently signed a ten-year contract with a company to install, maintain, and operate over 40 EV charging stations on publicly-owned property.

Charleston, West Virginia, has just has added two charging spots at a public parking garage. Charlotte, North Carolina, Cleveland and Saginaw, Michigan, are among other cities installing charging stations.

This story originally appeared on Detroit News.


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