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TimberHut and Rebecca Rose Recovery Centers Unite to Launch Sober Living Tiny Home Communities

TimberHut, a park model and custom cabin manufacturer, has joined forces with the Rebecca Rose Recovery Centers of Western New York. 

This collaboration marks the beginning of an innovative project aimed at establishing sober living communities through the use of architecturally advanced tiny homes.

The initiative, which is a blend of humanitarian efforts and architectural innovation, is funded by grant money from Erie County, N.Y., and supplemented by donations from local benefactors. 

This project stands as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with addiction, offering them a chance at natural healing and recovery in a serene environment.

TimberHut has been working in close association with Pastor Al Robinson of the Spirit of Truth Urban Ministry in Buffalo, N.Y., over the past year. 

The project is deeply personal for both Brooks Anderson, the founder of TimberHut, and Pastor Robinson, as they have both been touched by the challenges of addiction. Their shared experiences have fueled their commitment to creating a transformative space for recovery.

The design of the tiny homes, a collaborative effort with ELEV8 Architecture, goes beyond providing a safe and secure living space. These homes are equipped with innovative architectural designs and technology that are specifically tailored to foster natural healing. A key aspect of the design is the strategic use of colors and natural lighting to combat depression, a common challenge in the journey to recovery.

Anderson explains the project’s ethos, stating, “We’re not just building tiny homes; we’re creating villages designed to battle depression.” The first prototype of this sober living tiny home is slated for completion by the end of March, with an ambitious plan to have 12 units ready by the summer.

The inaugural village will be situated on property owned by the Rebecca Rose Recovery Centers in Lovejoy, Buffalo. 

Anderson envisions these tiny homes as a scalable model, potentially revolutionizing the way communities across the nation and the world approach supportive and healing environments. 

Pastor Robinson highlights the depth of their partnership, saying, “Our collaboration isn’t just a partnership. It’s a joining of hearts and minds to create something extraordinary for those newly embarking on the path of sobriety.” This sentiment underscores the project’s commitment to not just physical infrastructure but also to building a supportive community.

This initiative is a testament to TimberHut’s and Rebecca Rose Recovery Centers’ dedication to making a tangible impact on communities. By addressing the critical issue of addiction, they are not only aiding individuals in their recovery journey but also contributing to the broader societal good.

For campground and outdoor hospitality operators, this project offers valuable insights into how the integration of therapeutic architecture and natural settings can enhance the guest experience. It serves as a model for developing spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to mental and emotional well-being.

The project also underscores the potential for the campground industry to play a pivotal role in community health and wellness initiatives. By adopting similar models, campground operators can diversify their offerings, attracting a wider range of guests seeking both recreation and healing.


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