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THOR Unveils Electric Concept RVs

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THOR Industries debuted its latest electric RV concepts and detailed its eMobility efforts today.

“As a testament to our long-term commitment to global RV innovation, we’ve developed an electrification strategy, which harnesses emerging technologies and allows us to develop best in class user experiences, uniquely fitted for our brands with global leading experts and partners in the electrification space,” THOR President & CEO Bob Martin said in a presentation.

In a virtual media briefing, the RV maker unveiled the eStream and THOR Vision Vehicle (TVV).

If the first electric RV concept’s name rings a bell, it’s because THOR’s first electric travel trailer concept builds on the classic AirStream loved by many. Electrified and modernized, the new RV concept is named eStream. It is powered by THOR’s high-voltage electric chassis and allows for fast charging. 

Photo courtesy of THOR Industries

According to the company, the eStream improves range for electric tow vehicles and gas mileage for traditional tow vehicles. In its partnership with ZF, THOR and its European subsidiary Erwin Hymer Group, developed the technology specifically to extend the range of towing for electric vehicles.

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Photo courtesy of THOR Industries

A notable feature of the eStream is that it can be operated from the user’s digital device. After unhitching the tow vehicle, users can remote-control park the unit. THOR integrated new ADAs sensors, which enable safe remote-controlled parking.

The RV maker’s second electric RV concept is THOR Vision Vehicle (TVV). This B+ electric RV concept uses an electric chassis that the company developed with Roush. Designed using range-extending technology and a smart integrated fuel cell, the TVV boasts an average non-stop travel distance of about 5 hours or 300 miles of range. 

Photo courtesy of THOR Industries

TVV sleeps two and lets its users boondock while using all appliances for up to a week. It also features a solar roof that maximizes power generation capabilities. Its low-flow water feature helps conserve water for an extended period of off-grid camping.

The known RV manufacturer also discussed its eMobility strategy built upon technology pillars. The first pillar is a high-voltage system, followed by cloud-based connectivity and IOT so consumers, dealers, and service centers can be in constant sync with the unit’s health. 

The third pillar in THOR’s eMobility initiative is using an aerodynamic design and lightweight materials. Lastly, the company mentioned building a digital ecosystem linking the user with the RV through Roadpass.

Powered by Roadpass Digital, the trip planning feature allows for identifying and planning around the location of charging stations. According to THOR’s Chief Operating Officer Todd Woelfer, this helps ease the concern of range anxiety.

The trip’s itinerary is already synced to the vehicle through the mobile app. 

Photo courtesy of THOR Industries

Full control is within the user’s hands through the cockpit with notable features such as voice assistance, full control of house functions (lighting and temperature control), monitoring remaining battery and range, streaming music, and even an overview of the trip and driving route which includes points of interest and places to stay.

“The world is moving at a rapid pace around us. We see an almost exponential number of consumers shifting to electric vehicles. The next generation—the millennials and Gen Zers—they are joining the RV life with new expectations of ease of use, ownership, digital presence, and a shift towards more sustainable solutions,” said the company’s Chief Innovation Officer Josef Hjelmaker.

“Therefore, an essential piece of our eMobility strategy is that it has to embrace these new movements and consumer expectations and really keep a customer-first digital-first approach to our future products,” he added.

To learn more about THOR’s electrification journey and innovation, visit www.thorindustries.com/innovation and sign up for regular innovation updates.

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