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The Effects of Record Manufacturing Results on RVing’s Future

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) recently announced that this year might be the time that RV manufacturers break the record for deliveries from factories to RVers and dealers across the nation.

RV manufacturers managed to produce 22.5 percent more units in October compared to the same month last year. This October also set a new all-time monthly record for the number of units shipped (more than 18 percent).

However, despite record-breaking production, those who have purchase orders will likely wait, although maybe not as long, a report said.

There are only a few RV dealers that appear to have low inventory issues. However, many others claim their inventory levels are significantly lower than usual.

The quality of RVs is becoming less reliable. Admittedly, certain RVers have expressed their concerns regarding the quality of the rigs made during the pandemic years (2020-2021). The reason being the unemployment rate in Elkhart, Indiana (RV capital), which remains around 2.4 percent as it’s difficult for any company to find skilled employees. It’s also difficult to imagine inexperienced workers on assembly lines producing record-breaking numbers of RVs while keeping their eyes firmly focused on the highest quality, the report added.

Despite all this, RV manufacturing will continue to hit impressive benchmarks as they reach 600,000 or more new units in the coming year. The supply chain is foreseen to become untangled, and millions of people will be ready to put their cash at whatever is coming out of the factories.

The outdoor hospitality industry is also bound to be affected. Consequently, new rigs call for new space. Investors are rushing to the camping market with their cash, and more parks and expansions are planned. However, it takes a lot longer to develop an RV site than build an entirely new RV.

It’s going to take time for the camping and RVing explosion to settle, and, in the process, the industry’s top leaders have to make some big decisions.


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