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The 2024 Glampy Awards Unveil America’s Finest Glamping Destinations

The Dyrt, an app for camping insights, photos, and reviews, proudly unveils the winners of its 2024 Glampy Awards, according to a press release. Celebrating its third year, the Glampys commend the United States’ most distinctive and pioneering glamping sites.

Glamping, once a niche market, has surged in popularity, becoming a rapidly expanding niche within the camping sector. The Dyrt’s 2024 Camping Report, sponsored by the All-New Toyota Tacoma, reveals that 26% of surveyed private camping locales now feature glamping options.

Glamping’s appeal lies in its ability to transform traditional camping into a luxurious experience. It offers an enticing alternative for those hesitant about traditional camping, providing options like cozy, Wi-Fi-equipped yurts, stargazing domes, and chic A-frames by the stream.

Sarah Smith, The Dyrt’s founder, expressed enthusiasm for glamping’s burgeoning creativity, noting its evolution into various forms such as Airstreams, domes, and even fire towers. This innovation adds a layer of fun and uniqueness to the nature experience.

Selection for the Glampy Awards is based on nominations from The Dyrt’s camping community, focusing on criteria such as uniqueness, Instagram-worthiness, and actual bookability. This ensures the awards highlight accessible, not just aspirational, glamping experiences.

Leading the pack of the 2024 Glampy Award winners is, Loving Heart Retreats in Texas presents an inviting collection of upscale domes and safari tents nestled in the Texas Hill Country. With prices ranging from $269 to $598, this retreat boasts seven sites where fires are allowed, and pets are welcome with an extra fee. The amenities rival those of high-end hotels, including king-size beds, air conditioning, and full baths with clawfoot tubs, ensuring a luxurious outdoor experience.

A geodesic dome tent on a wooden deck surrounded by lush greenery at dusk, nominated for the 2024 Glampy Awards.

Image by The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

Following closely is the Salmon Gypsy Bed & Breakfast in Idaho, a serene escape priced between $135 and $160. This idyllic spot offers two sites featuring a custom-built gypsy wagon and tents where fires are permitted. The wagon, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, includes a queen bed, a private bathroom, and a fully functional kitchen, making for a cozy stay by the Salmon River.

Green caravan with awning and wooden steps, awarded at the Glampy Awards, parked near trees with autumn foliage.

Image by Lorett K./The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

In West Virginia, The Oasis at Bear Run Farm offers a quaint A-frame cabin beside a stunning blue lake, with prices from $35 to $175. This off-the-grid experience encourages guests to immerse themselves in nature, providing solar-powered lights and a propane heater for a rustic yet comfortable stay.

A small cabin nestled by a tranquil turquoise lake with a boat moored along the shore, framed by green foliage, acknowledged as one of America's Finest Glamping Destinations.

Image by Amber W./The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

Nevada’s Schellraiser, known for its annual music festival, transforms a gravel pit into a unique camping experience with stylish yurts and a furnished shipping container called “Hausu.” With 24 sites available at $100 to $125, this destination offers a secluded spot for stargazing and enjoying the desert’s tranquility.

Portable restroom trailer in a desert landscape with a snow-capped mountain in the background, nominated for the 2024 Glampy Awards.

Image by Jake C./The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

Oregon’s Umpqua’s Last Resort & Oregon Mountain Guides cater to a variety of camping preferences, from tiny houses to vintage RVs, with prices ranging from $35 to $199. This diverse site offers a wilderness vibe amidst the North Umpqua River area, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

A small wooden cabin illuminated from within under a moonlit night sky, recognized as one of America's finest glamping destinations.

Image by Dustin A./The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

The Yurt at Rivendell Romance in the Forest in Washington provides a magical stay in an 18-sided yurt-style cabin, priced between $149 and $175. This secluded retreat offers a fully outfitted kitchen and a wood stove, set deep in the woods for a tranquil escape.

A cozy wooden yurt, acclaimed as one of America's finest glamping destinations, with a pair of chairs on the deck and a hot tub nearby, set in a rustic outdoor setting.

Image by The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

Tennessee’s Glamping Dome at Getaway on Ranger Creek offers a modern luxury apartment under a dome, with prices from $158 to $457. This creekside property is surrounded by woodlands, featuring high ceilings and large windows for an immersive nature experience.

Geodesic dome house illuminated at twilight surrounded by trees, nominated for America's Finest Glamping Destinations at the 2024 Glampy Awards.

Image by The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

Adirondack Safari in New York, set near Lake George, specializes in luxury tent sites for groups and families, with a price of $189. This sprawling site offers queen beds, outdoor fire pits, and a variety of activities, making it a perfect getaway for adventure seekers.

Illuminated tents under a starry night sky at the 2024 Glamping Destinations.

Image by Andrew P./The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

Aefintyr in Minnesota presents a unique glamping experience with a short, steep hike to a tiny house or glamping tent, priced from $29 to $139. This property is an ideal base for exploring the Whitewater River Valley, offering a comfortable retreat after a day of adventure.

Cabin surrounded by snow-covered trees, nominated for the 2024 Glampy Awards, with a front deck bathed in sunlight.

Image by Chelsi L./The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

Lastly, Sailor Springs Glamping in Wisconsin features a quaint A-frame cabin and canvas tents along a creek, with prices ranging from $110 to $160. This secluded spot is perfect for those looking to escape into the forest and enjoy the serenity of nature.

A-frame cabin nestled in a forest with Adirondack chairs and a hammock nearby, honored at America's Finest Glamping Destinations.

Image by Abe C./The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

Each of these destinations, bookable through The Dyrt, offers a unique way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort, making them ideal choices for those seeking an unforgettable glamping adventure.

For those whose favorite spots didn’t make the list, The Dyrt encourages writing reviews and nominating them for the 2025 Glampys. This year’s winners offer a range of prices and amenities, from upscale domes with hotel-like luxuries to rustic, immersive nature experiences. Each site provides a unique way to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort, making them perfect for both seasoned glampers and newcomers to the trend.

Featured Image by The Dyrt via thedyrt.com

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March 20, 2024 7:34 am

Get ready to be wowed by the amazing glamping spots that snagged top prizes at the 2024 Glampy Awards! Imagine the peaceful charm of Loving Heart Retreats and the rugged allure of Schellraiser. These places redefine camping with their luxe amenities and stunning settings. It’s a whole new level of outdoor bliss!

March 20, 2024 12:49 pm

Isn’t it exciting to discover these amazing glamping spots? Apart from the award winners, places like Tranquil Pines Retreat in Oregon and Sunset Haven in California offer peaceful nature getaways. For those eco-conscious souls, Green Leaf Eco-Resort in Vermont and Eco Oasis in Arizona provide sustainable stays. Which spot would you choose for your next outdoor adventure?

Brooke Valley
Brooke Valley
March 20, 2024 2:00 pm

Can you believe the buzz around the 2024 Glampy Awards? They showcased top-notch spots like Loving Heart Retreats, The Oasis at Bear Run Farm, and more! Plus, those Treehouse Villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa sound like a dream. Ready to immerse yourself in luxury glamping?

March 20, 2024 2:11 pm

Isn’t it exciting to discover these top-notch glamping spots that offer both luxury stays and exciting outdoor adventures like hiking and stargazing? Many of these eco-friendly destinations really focus on sustainability and connecting with nature, making them perfect for nature enthusiasts like us looking for a unique and environmentally conscious getaway. Let’s plan our next memorable and eco-friendly escape!


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