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News for August 14, 2022

The RV Station Offers Month-long Special to Help Families Find Budget-Friendly RV Rentals


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Texas’s RV Station recently started offering a special to families looking to book a last-minute vacation before the next school year.

RV Rental Manager Patti Tucker planned a month-long special with 20% off in RV rentals and motorhomes for families to enjoy, according to a report.

Several factors led to Tucker’s decision to take a break, including inflation, COVID-19’s second year, extreme shortages, and the current Monkeypox.

During this rental season, Tucker faced roadblocks, saying, “August is one of our slowest months in the rental department. It is because everyone is returning to school.”

“It kind of gives people a chance to take those kids on that last-minute vacation,” said Tucker. 

RVs have many of the features of a home. Tucker explained that the RV experience is unique. Some rentals include a stove, kitchen area, refrigerator, and a back porch.

Tucker noted that this is a relief option that many families rely on right now before getting back to preparing their children for the coming school year.

“This is not your typical standard. I’m gonna be at home for a weekend. This is going and enjoy yourself. We’re trying to provide a way to not struggle so much and still take those kids out or even just a couple for a weekend,” said Tucker. 

Tucker shared that residents could drive and park their camper in locations such as Lake Bryan, Dallas, and Somervell.

“A ton of RV parks that cater to children, just enjoy yourselves and be that family and forget about your struggles for two or three days and relax,” said Tucker.

It is estimated that a family of four would spend $500 on an average weekend.

This article originally appeared on KAGS.


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