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Texas-Based RV Park Wins Great Outdoors Tech Upgrade Contest

Hill City Horse Stop, an RV park and equestrian facility based in Texas, has been selected as the winner of the Great Outdoors Tech Upgrade contest. 

The contest, a strategic initiative launched by RMS North America, TengoInternet, Spot2Nite, and RezRecover, aims to empower campground operators with cutting-edge technology to drive success and elevate the camping experience.

Fred Dominioni, chief revenue officer at RMS North America, elaborated on the contest’s objectives: “The Great Outdoors Tech Upgrade contest was developed to help meet the evolving expectations of campers and equip parks with the right tools for success,” 

Dominioni expressed enthusiasm about Hill City Horse Stop’s victory and the potential benefits that the awarded technology and services could provide to the RV par5k’s business operations and enhance the camper experience.

For private campground owners and operators, this contest and its outcomes hold significant implications. The technology and services offered by this team of industry leaders are designed to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and ultimately, improve the profitability of the sector.

The RV park, Hill City Horse Stop, will receive a comprehensive prize package valued at over $27,000. 

This package includes an advanced RMS reservation management system with setup, training, and core integrations, a custom RMS website design, an RMS SEO package, a year of RezRecover services with complimentary email design, a $5,000 credit for a Tengo WiFi Solution, and exclusive access to Spot2Nite OTA services.

For private campground operators, the tailored services in this prize package underscore the pivotal role technology plays in running a successful outdoor hospitality business in today’s digital era. 

The incorporation of such advanced tools and services can help to optimize reservations, create attractive and effective digital platforms, improve online visibility, enhance communication with customers, provide robust WiFi solutions, and efficiently utilize online travel agency services. 

These technologies create an enhanced camping experience that caters to the modern camper’s expectations.

The owner of Hill City Horse Stop, Sonya Rodrigue, has hailed the winning of the contest as a monumental step in their business journey. Rodrigue stated, “As a brand-new facility, it is beyond incredible to launch with such a robust combination of services to lean on,”

She further expressed her confidence that the awarded prize will place Hill City Horse Stop on an accelerated path to success. 

The Great Outdoors Tech Upgrade contest signifies the growing emphasis on digital transformation in the outdoor hospitality industry. It brings to light the benefits of strategic partnerships, highlighting the invaluable role technology vendors play in enhancing the capabilities of private campground owners and operators. The victory of Hill City Horse Stop demonstrates that with the right technology and partners, even new players in the outdoor hospitality sector can swiftly optimize their operations and provide an enhanced camping experience, setting a benchmark for the industry.

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May 8, 2024 3:15 am

Did you know that Hill City Horse Stop is not only the contest winner but also plans to roll out a mobile app for campers? They’re stepping up their game with virtual tours and drone footage on their site. I think it’s gonna make camping there even more awesome!


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