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Orange County Commissioners OK New Hwy. 62 RV Park

Orange County Commissioners Court has approved the establishment of a new RV park, Shadee RV, on Texas Highway 62, south of Interstate 10. 

As per a report, this development comes as a response to the increasing influx of construction workers in the area, necessitated by the expansion of industrial plants.

The approval of Shadee RV marks a pivotal moment as it is the first RV park to adhere to the county’s newly implemented regulations. These regulations were introduced by the Commissioners Court last year to ensure that RV parks in unincorporated areas of the county align with local standards.

Joel Ardoin, the County Environmental Health and Code Compliance director, confirmed that Shadee RV has met all the regulatory requirements of his department, the county’s Road and Bridge Department, and the Orange County Drainage District. With the court’s endorsement, the developers are now poised to secure a county permit for the park.

The decision to establish Shadee RV is a strategic one, aimed at catering to the specific needs of the RV community, especially those involved in the local construction and industrial sectors. The park’s exclusive designation for RVs, excluding mobile homes, underscores the county’s commitment to providing targeted solutions for its transient workforce.

For RV park owners, campground operators, and those in the outdoor hospitality industry, this development presents a blueprint for future projects. The emphasis on adhering to local regulations and standards is a key takeaway, highlighting the importance of compliance in the expansion of such facilities.

Furthermore, the establishment of Shadee RV underlines the growing trend of RV parks as essential infrastructure in areas experiencing industrial growth. This trend offers valuable insights for industry stakeholders in terms of location selection, target demographics, and service offerings.

The approval process for Shadee RV also sheds light on the collaborative efforts required between various county departments. This interdepartmental cooperation can serve as a model for other counties looking to streamline their approval processes for similar projects.

The focus on environmental health and code compliance in the approval process of Shadee RV emphasizes the importance of these aspects in the development of RV parks. This focus ensures that such facilities not only meet the immediate needs of their users but also adhere to environmental and safety standards, thereby enhancing the overall quality of outdoor hospitality services.

For the campground and outdoor hospitality industry, the development of Shadee RV is a positive indicator of the sector’s growth potential. It reflects a growing recognition of the economic and social value that well-regulated RV parks bring to a community, particularly in areas with a transient workforce.


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