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Outdoor Chattanooga Charts a New Path with 2024-2028 Strategic Plan

Outdoor Chattanooga, a division of Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors, has recently unveiled its 2024-2028 Strategic Plan, a forward-thinking blueprint designed to reshape the city’s outdoor landscape. 

This plan, developed from over two decades of community engagement and expertise, is a testament to Chattanooga’s commitment to creating a more inclusive, accessible, and vibrant outdoor experience for all its residents and visitors.

Gail Loveland-Barille, the director of Outdoor Chattanooga, emphasized the plan’s holistic approach: “Our strategic plan is more than a set of objectives; it’s a pledge to our community.”

“We’re dedicated to enhancing community health, ensuring access to our beautiful outdoors, connecting people with nature, boosting our regional outdoor economy, and building a strong, sustainable foundation for the future,” Loveland-Barille added.

The plan encompasses a broad spectrum of initiatives and goals. A significant emphasis is placed on community health and wellness, recognizing the profound impact of outdoor activities on both physical and mental well-being. 

Outdoor Chattanooga aims to integrate these benefits into the daily lives of residents, offering programs that cater to a diverse range of health needs and promoting the healing power of nature.

Accessibility is another cornerstone of the plan. Outdoor Chattanooga is set to work closely with communities to ensure safe, equitable access to outdoor recreation. This includes increasing the diversity of participants in outdoor activities and fostering an environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed and included.

In connecting people with nature, the plan envisions a strengthened bond between residents and the natural world. This involves not only the creation of educational and stewardship programs but also the development of strategic frameworks and partnerships that underscore Chattanooga’s role as a leader in outdoor adventure and action sports.

Recognizing the economic potential of the region’s natural resources, the plan also focuses on nurturing the regional outdoor economy. This includes advocating for the community’s needs, supporting local outdoor businesses and craftspeople, and attracting industry conferences and events to the region.

Lastly, the plan underscores the importance of building a solid foundation for these initiatives. This involves assembling a skilled team, leveraging technology, and developing sustainable programs and infrastructure to ensure the long-term success of Chattanooga’s outdoor vision.

Outdoor Chattanooga’s 2024-2028 Strategic Plan is a comprehensive approach to enhancing the city’s outdoor spaces. It’s a blueprint for a future where health, accessibility, community, economy, and sustainability are interwoven into the fabric of Chattanooga’s outdoor experience.

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April 27, 2024 10:39 pm

Get ready to lace up those hiking boots and buckle up for adventure because Outdoor Chattanooga’s strategic plan is like a turbo boost for our city’s outdoor scene! It’s all about more smiles and fewer couch potatoes as we jump into a whirlwind of outdoor fun and nature escapades! Let’s do this!


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