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Sylvox Announces New Line Of Private Outdoor Cinema TVs

Sylvox Vision, Inc. has created new products designed to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience, allowing its users to convert any outdoor structure into a private cinema.

“Whether it’s under the scorching sun or in the wind or rain, you can always depend on a high-quality picture and incredible sound quality from our products,” said Sylvox Vision, Inc. Marketing Manager Golden Yang.

Deck Pro QLED and Pool Pro QLED outdoor TV are the latest generations of outdoor Sylvox TVs with more durable enhanced features and intelligent functions than ever before. 

The equipment is also lighter and thinner, with improved waterproofing, heat dissipation, anti-scratch, anti-aging, etc., according to a press release.

The Elf S2 is the latest Sylvox Waterproof Outdoor Soundbar to provide an immersive cinematic level outdoor audio experience. It matches perfectly with the new line of Sylvox TVs for incredible sound quality.

“As the name suggests, it has a beautiful fairy-like body with a strong waterproof performance. Elf S2 adopts new waterproof technology and has undergone extensive experimental tests to cope with long hours of outdoor stress in poor rainy, cold, and hot weather conditions,” said Yang.

Elf S2 uses top-of-the-line sound processing software technology. Its multiple evenly-distributed speakers work simultaneously to spread the multi-directional sound to every corner of your outdoor patio.

“Under the vast starry sky, the wonderful elf singing will help you and your family immerse into a dreamy movie world while enjoying the immersive audio-visual pleasure created by Elf S2,” said Yang.

Having a reliable, durable stand that you can depend on to safely protect your investment, such as the Sylvox TV Mount, will also enhance the viewing comfort of your private outdoor theater. It can also help you find an angle for the best viewing in your outdoor space.

To that end, the Sylvox team has developed and designed three optional TV mounts to meet any need for comfort and aesthetics, wall mounts, removable mounts, and lift mounts.

The wall mount bracket can be installed on any solid wall, and the TV can be adjusted from multiple angles for the perfect viewing position. It also won’t take up too much space since the removable TV mount comes with lockable casters that are stable and flexible.

With the mount, you can quickly move the Sylvox outdoor TV anywhere you want, and it’s the perfect outdoor and courtyard cart for your TV.

The liftable TV stand comes with an intelligent electric lift that can hide the TV under the floor to free up space and make your outdoor courtyard more beautiful. It can be activated by various control methods, such as buttons, remote control, voice, etc.

You can review our latest generation of outdoor entertainment products on the Sylvox website or at our Amazon store,” said Yang.

Sylvox is a global smart TV product R&D, manufacturing, and internet application development service company aiming to provide users with full-scene TV solutions. It focuses on creating excellent TVs for home and commercial use.
To learn more about Sylvox, visit https://www.sylvoxtv.com/pages/page/.


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