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SuperSprings International Strategically Bolsters Leadership, Eyeing Future Innovations and Market Expansion

Suspension solutions company SuperSprings International has strategically appointed Alex Hodschayan as the new director of marketing, signaling a robust move towards fortifying its leadership team. 

Hodschayan, with his extensive expertise in marketing across various channels, is set to spearhead the company’s marketing strategies, aiming to leverage its existing momentum and pave the way for future growth.

CEO Gerry Lamberti expressed his enthusiasm about Hodschayan’s appointment, emphasizing the strategic importance of harnessing the company’s current momentum and preparing for substantial future growth. 

With over two decades of innovation in suspension solutions, SuperSprings International holds a formidable position in the market, designing and patenting its products, and this leadership transition is poised to elevate its market stance further.

Alex Hodschayan brings to the table a wealth of expertise in strategic marketing, sales capabilities enhancement, and maximizing omni-channel opportunities, as reported by Camping Trade World.

His comprehensive marketing and design toolset, coupled with a focus on rapid execution and customer-centric strategies, has been recognized across various brands, both large and small, and is anticipated to be a pivotal asset to SuperSprings International.

In a strategic move in Q4 2021, SuperSprings International implemented a new leadership structure, establishing five business units, each dedicated to excelling in their respective field. 

This restructuring, following a record-breaking 42% growth in 2021, is part of a strategy by Weisner & Lamberti to streamline operations and enhance the company’s market responsiveness and operational efficiency.

Chief Commercial Officer Adam Weisner now manages the day-to-day business at SuperSprings International, with the leaders of the business units reporting to him. 

The company has announced plans to release new applications throughout 2022 and add to the product lineup, introducing the company to new market spaces and potentially exploring innovative suspension solutions.

SuperSprings International has not only been focusing on internal structural changes but also external collaborations and partnerships, especially in the RV industry

The company has expressed a heightened focus on adding a trailer manufacturer as an OEM partner in 2022, which could potentially open new avenues for product applications and market expansion.

Moreover, with a keen eye on marketing, SuperSprings International plans to release more video content throughout 2022 to drive consumer demand for a better journey. 

This strategy aligns with the company’s commitment to providing simple, effective suspension solutions that enhance the journey of its users, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews from customers.

The leadership transition at SuperSprings International, particularly the departure of its president and marketing director effective Aug. 1, has been a notable shift in the company’s leadership dynamics. 

This change, coupled with strategic appointments, has set the stage for a new chapter in the company’s journey, potentially influencing its operational and strategic directions.


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