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Streamline Guest Communication and Boost Merchandise Sales with CampLife’s New Features

CampLife, a reservation software provider for campground operators, has announced the launch of two new features in March 2023, scheduled SMS text messaging and an online storefront.

According to a press release, the innovative features are aimed at helping park owners streamline guest communication and enhance merchandise sales, providing a hassle-free way to market products to a broader audience.

Scheduled SMS Text Messaging, rolled out on March 6, 2023, allows parks to automate communication with guests by sending pre-set text templates at scheduled times related to check-in or check-out.

This feature eliminates manual messaging and allows park staff to include mobile check-in links or post-stay surveys in the texts.

The Online Storefront, launched on March 20, provides campgrounds a new way to sell merchandise and event tickets.

Unlike traditional methods that limit sales to guests only, the Online Storefront allows campgrounds to make their products available to the public on CampLife.com.

Parks can create new store items, set maximum quantities, and add media images, all within the CampLife system.

“The Online Storefront is completely separate from the reservation flow, but that’s the goal,” said Justin Sharp, CampLife’s lead user-experience architect.

“If a park wants to sell something individually, not alongside a reservation, the Online Storefront can do that. Parks could copy the link to specific items or events and let people know about them in a text, email, social media post, or link to the storefront from their website.” Sharp added.

Scheduled SMS Text Messaging and Online Storefront are available to all CampLife parks at no extra charge, providing added value to park owners.

CampLife’s Scheduled SMS Text Messaging and Online Storefront allow campground operators to streamline guest communication and boost merchandise sales, making their operations more efficient and profitable. These features provide a convenient and hassle-free way to engage with guests and market products, offering added value to park owners using CampLife’s reservation software.

These new features are worth exploring for park owners looking to enhance their guest communication and merchandise sales.

Featured image from CampLife.

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April 4, 2024 8:12 pm

Check out the cool new features from CampLife. Scheduled SMS keeps you connected effortlessly, while the Online Storefront makes selling merchandise a breeze. Super handy for campground operations!

April 28, 2024 3:24 am

Isn’t it exciting to think about how campground owners are embracing CampLife’s new tools? Curious how they’re finding success with easier guest communication and boosted merchandise sales?


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